Question for people on beta

any hunters playing the beta can confirm that you can still aimed shot from shadowmeld?

This functionality was changed in Patch 1.10.0 (March 28, 2006):

  • Stealth and Invisibility effects will now be canceled at the beginning of an action (spellcast, ability use etc…), rather than at the completion of the action.

I haven’t tested this on the Classic Beta Test specifically, but it should not be where you only break from stealth (or Shadowmeld) when your cast goes off. Sorry! I miss being able to do that to people, too!


rolling a hunter just got less attractive…

Hahaha. Those Aimed Shots from Shadowmeld were pretty nice! I did that on my Hunter that I got to L60 at some point late in vanilla (I don’t remember exact time period). I mostly was a Druid prior and would use Starfire as my breakout or, in group PvP, I could do Entangling Roots or Healing Touch.

I think Hunters may still have some utility for Shadowmeld with cats (guarding), Feign Death + Shadowmeld in instances/PvP, but you may find more utility PvP wise with Stoneform and +5 gun skill. I don’t find guns enjoyable to use (they’re very noisy in-game). Find Treasure can be useful in places like Stratholme if you’re trying to figure out which of the crates to open up instead of being plagued or getting maggots or whatever one you.

shadowmeld + mount worked the same way. i used it a ton in battlegrounds. being able to instantly appear mounted up was very helpful

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o lost count how many ganks i manage to realize doing aimed from meld… what a fun…

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Vokire…if you are in beta and playing hunter can you please test this that has been reported in the beta forums.

If you & pet are fighting mob and you FD you do not come out of combat because pet is fighting. (game breaking IMO)

If pet is on passive and you send them in to attack mob they go off and do it but if you move then the pet turns around and comes back to you as if you did a “follow”.

Saw these posted on beta forums…no blue response and not much discussion.

this was a known fact, your pet doesnt get off combat… you have to dismiss him or fd and wait for him to die, but if YOU dont get out of combat, that means your fd got resisted (yeah that was a thing) thats why there is a talent

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I just realized that I may have misunderstood what that beta poster was reporting based on what you just posted.

The poster in the beta forum never mentioned if their FD was resisted. They just reported that they didn’t drop combat.
I ASSumed the report was about non resisted FD’s.

I remember all too well when FD got resisted and that mob just smacked your body to death.

By ‘out of combat’ I meant mob not beating on you, not you actually dropping the combat status (crossed swords).

I am in the Classic Beta Test, however, I do not have a Hunter in the beta. To the best of my recollection from vanilla, the pet would still have aggro (and you if you cancel it during the six minute cast while the pet has aggro). There were (are) two strategies against this. First, you can use the five second cast Dismiss Pet ability or you can run away while your pet has aggro and is on stay. Eventually, the pet respawn and you can Feign Death then if you’re still being chased.

The second is being discussed on the Classic Beta Test Forum. As you’ve noted, there has been no official reply or acknowledgment thus far. There is at least one more thread you may find useful in relation to Hunters. Sorry I was unable to be of more assistance.

Vokire…see my previous post.

Poster in beta didn’t indicate if the FD was resisted.
Was poster thinking the in combat status (crossed swords) should have been dropped ?

Even after the change, it was possible to ambush from shadow meld, just not from right in front of the target. You can still use meld to go largely unnoticed, and hit an unsuspecting target from the side or rear.

if you are in combat , means you have aggro i think till 1.11 we could FD and drink during boss fights but now you are always in combat, but only will drop out of combat when your pet dies or is dismissed, unless you get FD resisted

Looking back, I think Hunters may have dropped combat if their pet was still attacking while they had Feign Death active. Immediately after exiting Feign Death, you would be entered back in combat. This was necessary for the way that traps worked in vanilla. As I do not have a Hunter and I haven’t played with any L30+ Hunters yet on beta, I’m unsure of the veracity of the claim by the poster. It could have been resisted or there could be other factors at play as well. Until another player who plays Hunter makes a post in the topic (or Blizzard confirms or denies the bug report claim), I don’t know if this is a bug that exists on Classic. Sorry!

If I recollect correctly, you wouldn’t target someone casting on you until the cast was complete. Currently, in Classic, players will automatically target you when you begin casting (like in BFA). So, it may be of slightly less use if this functionality remains the same at release.

I was unable to find any documentation for this in the patch notes. Maybe it was changed at one point to where you were instantly put back into combat? I do remember being able to Feign Death and use traps, but I am having difficulty remembering if I would have my pet with me or not during those times.

In dungeons I used to park my pet by the healer in case healer pulled aggro. Probably why I remember able to FD and remove combat.

Also used wolf for a while for the buff (furious howl).

Bah…foggy, foggy memories.

you had to make a macro to spam pet passive and follow with your fd to put traps im combat