[Question] Do You Believe Pandaren Paladins Could Exist/Work?

Hello all,

Hope you’re having a good day/night. I was wondering if you think Pandaren could work as Paladins? My understanding is Priest and Paladins are kind of in the same “category” in how the light works.

Pandaren Priests see the Celestials as their power for the light, I’m not to sure how Disc/Shadow works for Pandarens but that isn’t fully needed for the Paladins.

I’m basically wondering if you think it could work that they look to the Celestials for their Holy power and are able to use them to become their style of Paladins. Kind of how Taurens look to the sun, An’she, to give them their holy powers.

I want to be a Pandaren Paladin more then anything really and am also wondering if lorewise it could work.



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I can definitely see them working with currently established lore. Chi-Ji particularly has some light-based abilities and had Anduin (Although not classified as exactly a Paladin, is still a prolific light-user in the lore) studying under him for a period so I can see them working that angle.

Even if they didn’t use pre-established lore, the Tyr questline introduced in DF also implies that faith in Tyr can also establish you as a Paladin, so that would be open to any race. (We see this with Hadwin who is a Kul Tiran paladin, which is not currently a playable race/class combo.)


Of course, and Blizz can make it work if they want.

Of course Pandaren Paladins can work. The Golden Lotus, handpicked by the August Celestials to defend the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, is a perfect organization for an order of Pandaren Paladins.


I don’t see why not.

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There are few races better suited. They have a samurai culture which is as Paladiny as you can get.

Or in short… if you can make it, it’s lore compatible. Don’t let the gatekeepers tell you otherwise.


If Void Elves can be paladins then anyone can. You get a paladin! He gets a paladin! She gets a paladin! Everyone gets to be paladins!


Move over Shado-Pan, it’s time for GLOWY-PAN

Yep, Taurens have every class now including rogues lol. Seriously, at this point why even bother.


Yes. If a race can be a priest and a warrior, they can be a paladin.


All they’re missing is some Light worship. Given their contact with Light worshipping cultures, their own values and clashes with the Sha who are products of the Void, there’s plenty of background for some conversions.

Like a Shado-pan who takes up the Light in an effort to purge the Sha more thoroughly or heal the damage they do.

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At this point, I can see every race class combo work except DH, DK and Evoker.


absolutely, the fact that I can’t make one right now is a problem

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There isn’t anything inherently anti-Light or anything about Pandaren. It would be neat to see some specific flair or flavoring for Pandaren Celestial Paladins when the time comes (it will come, like every other race/class combo).

No. get out.

panda anything is a disgrace to this universe, and pandadins is no different. theyre already obnoxious in general and cartoonish the last thing we need is more of them existing and using paladin sanctity. ruining that even.

The furry wars continue.


I was just going to type that we found our anti furry poster too :dracthyr_nod:

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‘cough’ Chi’ji ‘cough’

I mean if Zandalari can call upon the light through their faith with Rezan (and maybe later Vol’jin given what happens in Shadowlands), Pandaren paladins should be able to use Chi’ji in a similar case. I mean the Red Crane does have light themed abilities in his world boss encounter, such as Beacon of Hope and most of his followers are priests. Including Anduin for a time.

DK’s can be done as long as they create a believable reason as to why X race is a DK. Either via early wrath (Core race minus Pandaren) or late BFA (allied race + Pandaren). Considering those are the two starting experiences for DK’s atm. Iirc, Earthen will be able to be DK’s so my guess is that those ones will be ones from Northrend that got risen by Bolvar. Like how Worgen DK’s are ones from Silverpine Forest.

It will cause some timeline problems. I mean canonically playable worgen did exist in Wrath… but only DK’s. Really makes Grizzly hills a meme.

But DH’s will probably be elf exclusive, Illidan’s racism and all that. And Evoker is tied directly to Dracthyr so that will probably be the only race that can be them.

There are good class combos but this isn’t one of them.

But right now they can’t be paladins…