Question about Eula

i dont see how but they got a time stamp etc and can go check their chat logs etc. but reporting for cheating what do i put there?

Screenshots can be edited and altered to say anything.


You get a info box and can put in they offerend RMT.


i dunno how to edit the screen shots but i even sent video evidence
so they can compare

Right click and report the 100% fool proof way of reporting this kind blizzard gets way more information then a video or screenshot.


yeah true enough but more evidence the better imo

But theres the right evidence and then there not realy needed videos are last ditch efforts that right click and report cant be done.

but yeah if people is offering RMT to have me camped/griefed and they get away with it, blizz will probably lose a sub

The only thing you can provide that they will use is the data that is sent when you right-click and report. Video and screenshot will do absolutely nothing. They can and will pull up the logs from the time of the report, and can see more than any image you will provide, that is why we say that sending those in is kind of moot.


If it was said in game (as opposed to external programs like Discord), then when you right click-report, a timestamp is automatically sent along with the report so the investigating GM has a quick link to the chat that was reported. Nothing else is needed, really.


okay, yeah i sent did the ingame report hopefully they punish the people who want to do rmt for having people camped over a game

They do but it wont be immediate reports take time to investigate unfortunately it will be looked at but not instantly.


good cause i mean its getting to the point of cyber bullying isnt it? when they offering rmt to camp a person

That’s a bit of a stretch.


Since you said that this was on Retail? Turn off your Warmode or don’t flag up. That renders whatever bounty they have on you moot. If you’re not flagged, no one can bother you in that regard. You kind of have to decide how much give and take you’re going to put into this. If you know that this is an issue that is getting to you, don’t make it easy for them.

Again I will impress that you do not respond to any hecklers. Not to tell them to leave you alone, not for any reason do you respond to any whispers or chat. If you do, that weakens your case as you’re willingly participating in conversation with these people. Put people on ignore and report those who are using vulgar language, and those who create alts to keep whispering you after you put them on ignore.


yes this confused me as well - I automatically assumed you were talking about retail - so you could just turn off warmode

oh i have done that but they get friends to whisper me going around the ignore, i have been reporting these people for months ingame and through tickets, one whisper sent said they plan to basically harass me off the game, and this is with warmode off. they can find you with out warmode on and still grief and harass you so it dont matter in that regard

No. PVP is not considered harassment or griefing. PVP is part of the game, and permitted.

Using profanity is a violation of our chat policies, and may be reported by right-clicking on the chat message and selecting the appropriate option. You will also want to place the offending character on ignore to prevent further communication from them.

Real Money Trading (RMT) is not permitted. When we find evidence that this has occurred, the game team takes action. But to be clear, what you encountered was not someone engaging in RMT. What you encountered was someone threatening to pay someone to camp you. Threatening and doing are very different in terms of what is considered RMT.

They cannot PVP against you, which is what this thread was originally created to ask about. So keeping Warmode off is very good advice in regards to your original post. It’s also our official stance on the topic of undesired PVP.

If you are being harassed through chat, it’s very very important that you do not engage back with them. That is seen as willing participation in the conversation. I see you doing this in the chat you included in your ticket. Quoting the EULA and going back and forth with the other players.

If this is harassment, you need to stop engaging with them. Place them on ignore, do not talk to them, and report them if they use other methods in-game to bypass being placed on ignore. Again though, if they bypass ignore you should not respond to them.

More information about Ongoing Harassment can be found in our Spotlight on: Harassment


Just to touch on what Kalv said a little bit more, for language they will get an in game silence. First penalty is 24 hours, then 48, doubling each and every single time an infraction is verified and a punishment is levied. This prevents them from not only communicating in game, but also bnet friends. So absolutely report those language violations.

However lets get to the even better stuff. As mentioned NEVER respond. Immediately place on ignore. Then submit an ongoing harassment ticket. This does not result in a simple account silence where they can still log in but are hampered via communication. This results in actual game time suspensions. If they do continue to circumvent ignore, Blizzard takes that very seriously. We saw a case here where somebody asked a friend to contact somebody because they were on ignore. The end result? That person AND the person they asked to do the contacting received a 72 hour suspension.

Let them think they are riling you up as you ignore after ignore without responding to them. Know that it will catch up to them in the end, however.


And this is probably why they’ve not gotten harsher punishments or as much progress as you’d like - and as I have tried to drive this point home from the beginning.

Hopefully with what we’ve told you as well as Kalviery’s input, you’ll have better luck of nipping this issue and building a better case against folks.