Queen's Order

(Sinelus) #55

Actually forsaken are highly resistant to old gods corruption but not impossible to turn.


Twilight’s Hammer is full of Forsaken.

The way I recall it being described is the Scourge hear the Lich King’s voice in their heads, much as Death Knights still can, when Arthas/Nerzhul was Lich King his whispers were impossible to ignore (also why beings like Anub-Arak said they were finally free of him when we killed them), and as a result drowned out the nuisance whispers of Yogg-Saron. Yogg talked crap about it in the fight, saying kings die, and implying that once the Alliance and Horde removed Arthas, he’d be restored properly as the ‘death god’ in the world. Since the Forsaken are completely free, they are supposedly free will and no different from the humans. Whether or not Sylvanas is in their heads is a mystery but there is an angle there with Sylvanas having impaled herself upon saronite, and the ‘visions’ she had to lead her down the path she’s on.


We’re going down! Stay with the ship, I’m out! Where’s my escape pod?

(Nesuah) #58

The story has been simple, its the same repeated trope from when wow first launched.

(Anorave) #59

Sylvanas: I am grand master chess player.

(Alamara) #60

My guess:


Name checks out.

(Zhiifang) #62

Nothing until Blizzard realizes “uh oh we ACTUALLY made her a major villain and will have to make up a real reason for all the evil things she has done.”

(Nyariá) #63

Then you should go be “Evil” somewhere else.

You 'not caring" and just “enjoying being evil” effects more than you just.

go make your own faction to be evil.

(Backståbbåth) #64

What this letter means is that 8.2 won’t be the only disappointing, time gated patch at all.

(Asotcha) #65

That’s a great theory with lots of angles to it. Well done.

On topic, I really hope we get some advancement in the story, if not a resolution/explanation. I’m going crazy waiting to find out whats supposed to happen next.

(Chosen) #66

Dear Nathanos,

Did you get that thing I sent you?


(Suneil) #67

I actually kind of like the idea that Yogg is working through her.

(Talendrion) #68

Hardly surprising news tho? Even at her most benevolent, Sylvanas appreciation for the Horde goes as far as they can help her fulfill her plans.

(Quizotic) #69

jinkies a clue!

I think it’s about time we wrap up this mystery and unmask this banshee queen!

(Maelfarion) #70

Odd phrasing. Why don’t you go be good somewhere else?


She united the Alliance and Horde against Azshara and N’zoth.

Oh, but this thread is full of people damning her anyway, though. I thought this evidence would convince them otherwise, but it’s not entirely conclusive, leaving a bit of room for opinion, so maybe I should expect people to stick to their guns.

(Nyariá) #72

Cause we were here first.

You leave.


It would be nice if they attempted a different approach where the rag-tag group of adventures get subtly manipulated and actually contribute to the big demise, the antagonist has a partial or maybe total victory, we lose a bunch of our boring protagonists and a new era starts which is all about claiming what we’ve lost which brings us to 9.0.

Sadly, that ain’t happening.

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She is going to make a giant multicolored afghan for everyone to have a snuggle party under.

Maybe make some nice tea.