Queen Calia Menethil... This made me laugh (Spoilers)

All hail the Queen! Can you believe it? They just declare it so, but we all knew this was inevitable and with her ascension if not a typo means the Forsaken now identify more with their Lordaeronian roots. I can’t help but laugh considering her other title is the Pallid Lady. Long live the Queen!


I just find it hilarious. Forsaken are grinding the last of their teeth at the news, but here we are. I hope its an error, but this has been the implication ever since she took a leadership role and makes her rule unquestionable by Alliance partisans who would try to retake Lordaeron, and with the Midnight revamp a chance for a new Lordaeron to be created. Unique from the Sylvanas regime.

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Okay… but would we or would we not like Calia more if some watery tart threw a sword at her? :thinking:


With the mood right now… it depends on how she “catches” it…


[quote=“Naovi-moon-guard, post:4, topic:1768060”]
some watery tart [/quote]

Derek’s a whole other can of worms.


I mean go ahead! I think she’s here to stay. She’ll use her Light powers to stop that sword… I can’t sorry, this got me cracking up! :rofl:

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TBH I think we’re all slowly and collectively getting to a point where our consistent disappointment with the story is surpassing anger and careening straight into goofing off about it.


Exactly! I think this is a fanfic parody of a storyline, but I swear players on the story forum could do more justice than what’s coming out of Blizzard.


That’s generally what happens… when it’s so bad it has to be a joke… like seriously how could they not understand how stupid this is.

By herself she could have been an interesting character… instead she’s just some light simps replacement for the Banshee Queen… complete with designated boyfriend… Sylvanas was better before she (or at least I became aware of it), and the rest of her sisters, all decided they needed mortal husbands.


WoW at this point is honestly nothing more than one long Monty Python like gag and everyone but blizzard is in on the joke


First Tess Greymane was made queen, then Calia Menethil (offscreen no less) and Shandris leads the Night Elves! Girl Power riiiiight? This is World of Friendscraft! I feel this is more of a skit from SNL, but I do enjoy Monty Python memes.


I wouldn’t mind it so much if they would just stop trying to insult our intelligence with the garbage they keep putting out. The gilneas questline was trash, they knew it was trash and that’s why they hid it on the PTR.

They could make the attempt to write a semi decent quest line at least. They did a great job with the orc heritage armor, a lot of the sides in DF were an absolute hit with people.

They just really really enjoy pissing on the worgen community and than having the stones to call it rain water


I’m not sad about this…

A lot of stories have characters who don’t want power only to end up in power because they actually are natural leaders… I’m not saying she is, I barely know the character myself.

The story as presented had the feel of an old man looking at a changing world and seeing that he didn’t know what to do, but his daughter did and so he let her take charge and in doing so he realized while he’d been lamenting the loss of his heir his daughter had been right there trying to get him to see her.

Now he does… I got a bit misty about that moment.

That, she should have been turned as part of the story, not because she wants or because it’s proper, but instead of the story.

We could have had her get exposed to some old plague the SC had collected and have the Forsaken help save her by using Greymane’s blood, could say he’d survived a previous version, to make a cure… one that just happens to transfer the “curse” as well.


Laugh it up. And enjoy your fully human worgen queen who doesn’t even want to be bitten.


Jokes on blizz. I no longer play a worgen.


To be clear, that was directed at the OP and his schadenfreude.


And all is lesser for it. :crying_cat_face:


Hugs It sucks, and it saddens me deeply. But I can’t play a race that blizz made Crystal Clear with the newest quest that they obviously don’t give a damn about the worgen.

I know it’s pathetic to be sad over a video game race, but I’m sappy like that, can’t help it


This is more of a case of just feeling nihilistic like I cant believe it. Every time I login to this game I feel like everything I loved is slowly being destroyed, and the characters I grew up with, advocating for, and hoping for better outcomes… just gets worse and worse. Maybe it is schadenfreude, but I feel nothing but dread for the years to come… Like I am staring into the Void and it’s staring back at me… defiantly laughing at my attempt to make sense of it all… C’est la vie.