Quartermaster's Bounty and Warlord's Trophy

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But has anyone posted this in the bug forum? They obviously don’t check Arena forum as much as the bug reports.

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Crap, I used my coins on Wednesday because I didn’t realize they were supposed to give something better than the Battle Sigil… I literally haven’t got a single piece of gear or a Sigil in the 80 or so Arena matches I’ve done this season, so I upgraded my 370 ring to a 390. I still have another 370 ring, but I barely ever see loot.


Been submitting bug reports in-game. Do not know if it matters if its posted in bug forum or not.

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All good keep doing that as wel. I created a topic in the Bug Forums just now highlighting the issue.

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Hmm I’m 9/10 on this, sounds like I’m not going to get anything useful at all from this multi-week thing. Bummer.


We apologize for the confusion on this. The intent was for the reward to be a Battleborn Sigil when you turn in the 10 Quartermaster’s Coins, but we had it listed wrong in the Season 2 blog post. The blog has been updated and I wanted to confirm that the Battleborn Sigil reward is correct.

Ion's Quote about 10 Quartermaster Coins
Quartermaster's Reward bugged
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I gotta say, as someone who doesn’t do Rated, it did feel odd to get such a useless item after 10 weeks of capping my conquest.

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So what exactly are we supposed to do with the Sigil? It’s 5 ilvl lower then the bracket you get them from, meaning there is no way to use the item to upgrade anything. Even if they were the same ilvl (ilvl 400 for duelist for example) the implications would be that I still have to have a piece that was lower ilvl then my current bracket to use the token on after 10 weeks. If I still had pieces that low after queuing for 10 weeks there are larger issues with gearing.

  • Tier, Rating , End of Match iLvl , Weekly cache iLvl , Weekly Azerite item iLvl

Sigil: 390

  • Rival , 1800 – 2099 , item level 395 , item level 405 , item level 400.

Sigil: 395

  • Duelist , 2100 – 2399 , item level 400 , item level 410 , item level 415.

Sigil: 400

  • Gladiator , 2400+ , item level 405 , item level 415 , item level 415.

See the issue here?

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2 1/2 months for an item that is basically worthless? Weird but ok why not.

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Beta for Azeroth


Well, at least thank you for the response

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Also thank you for the response either way, even if it wasn’t the news we wanted :heart:


And we just used up our 1 blue PvP forum post for this year.

Not surprisingly it was a “oops we screwed up, it’ actually is the crappier option of the 2”

And yeah these things are useless. Atleast make them account wide so we can use them on alts or something


Hahah you guys are hilarious Bornakk :joy: Legitimately some of the best trolls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I mean, can you believe these people ACTUALLY thought that this certain item they’d been saving for, using the re-roll tokens, would actually be some kind of upgrade for them? And to top it off, you mad men even lowered the drop rate of gear from arenas too! So not only are they getting less gear, but when they use the re-roll token…they won’t get any gear, just a coin! But the coin is the same thing they’ve been saving just to be rewarded with a useless item!:joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m dying man, bravo. You guys at blizzard are incredible. Maybe these peasants will do some REAL content if they want gear, ammirite Bornakk?! :joy:

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Hi and welcome to the arena forums. We appreciate the fact that you responded. Can you please have someone with decision-making capabilities take some of our feedback into consideration? Thanks.


Would be really nice to be able to get a trophy from it so I could upgrade pvp azerite without needing to get lucky with my weekly chest. As it stands even at 2400 I couldn’t upgrade my pvp helm to be usable with the reward.

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Omg Bornakk liked my post.

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I don’t understand. It is intentional to get an item that upgrades another item to an ilvl that is below the ilvl that we are currently wearing?

This game sucks.

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I don’t know why but this guy likes you. Do something with it. Quick.