Qualified for glad cutoff, no reward. GM response was to make a forum post

Cutoffs finalized after bans on NA ladder at 2575 2s and the rewards weren’t received for my team, so I’m posting this here, as GM suggested I do to try and get it resolved. Characters are odablock and sanecore, team name, photoshop with pylori, as I cant include links they will be attached to the reddit post.

Hopefully this gets resolved, for better or worse, I just really hate the feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen after such a… interesting season one. Thanks guys

I have received my rewards - thanks everyone


Doesn’t it feel like a bit of a slap in the face when a GM directs you to go to the forums? Like, what exactly is their job as GMs? I’ve had it happen a few times myself, and I got angry at them like what the hell is the point of posting on the forums if an actual GM can’t handle the situation. They just want us to vent our frustrations here so they don’t have to deal with it in the ticket system.


Did you post in the bug forums?

narrator: it wasn’t going to get resolved


I just did, I don’t really regular the forums so wasn’t 100% sure where it belonged. Thanks

lmao you think they read the bug reports? Most blue replies come from general forums. People been asking if X is a bug for a while and they just ignore that forum. then they’ll come to general and comment on it if they do comment on it.

Do you know if anyone under you was rewarded?

Bro, post in this thread cause it cause Blue eyes on a similar issue

Best of luck.

Maybe someone on your team sold rating or piloting.

Are you trolling? Why would they post in the OCE thread about their NA issue?

because its the same topic but in a different region and they clearly have 0 traction rn hello

posting in the forums does nothing…literally. Have had blue posts in CS and bug report forums confirming they can’t actually help because they are not GM’s. So posting here AT BEST will get you a blue post stating to open a ticket…that’s if you happen to be lucky enough to get a blue post.

False, he did get his mount now and title. I’ve seen forums posts do a lot. @Mort, stop spreading false information. thx

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It’s called passing the buck. When an employee couldn’t care less about a job nor customers and just wants a paycheck, they will dump customers off any way they can. I’ve seen this before too. What was extra pathetic in my case is that I couldn’t even use the forum at the time. That’s what the ticket was about in the first place. I was like, “uncensor my access to the forum and I will happily go back to using it instead of wasting my time with you.”

Although to be fair, they’ve only done it one time this year (2 if you count a game suspension which abusively silenced from forum too). That’s a pretty big damn improvement from classic where I probably spent at least 3 months of my 12 month sub time suspended from forum.

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