Pwnology LFM-No Requirement to Join

I’ve recently returned to WoW after a year break. Looking to build my guild back up, prior my departure we were a causal raiding guild. We’re shifting our focus to help with people that don’t have set schedules or just have limited time to play.

Our main focus is just to have everyone join with their mix schedules and eventually find a group of people that you’re able to play with constantly. To preface there will be times you could be the only person on in the guild.


With raiding, that will be more of an up and the air type of deal. If there are enough people online that are interested, we can definitely try.

Requirements for Raiding:

-Be the minimum ilvl for the current raid that is being attempted.
-With it being short notice, we will not require you to know the mechanics. This will be learned as we go type thing.

Requirement to Join:

-No requirements to join.

For questions feel free to leave a reply on this thread, or message me in-game on my main character Aevin.