Pvp updates coming - Just posted


We’re testing some adjustments to underperforming classes that we intend to make with weekly resets (on January 12 in this region).


  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • Bone Shield grants armor equal to 70% of Strength (was 50%).
    • Frost
      • All damage is increased by an additional 2% while a two-handed weapon is equipped.
  • Mage
    • Frost
      • All damage abilities increased by 9%.
  • Monk
    • Windwalker
      • All damage is increased by an additional 2% while a two-handed weapon is equipped.
    • Brewmaster
      • All damage is increased by an additional 2% while a two-handed weapon is equipped.
  • Rogue
    • Assassination
      • All damage abilities increased by 8%.
  • Warrior
    • Fury
      • All damage abilities increased by 8%, except for Bladestorm and Dragon Roar.
      • Meat Cleaver talent now increases Whirlwind’s damage by 25% (was 30%).


  • Players will now drop PvP flags if they cast Podtender (including Temple of Kotmogu orbs).
    • Note: this fix will be applied to the live game as soon as possible, before the weekly reset.

As always, the changes above (with the exception of the Podtender fix) are a work in progress, and may differ before they go live. We’ll have the final tuning noted in our Hotfixes Update post next week.

This is PvE tuning


Those are pve updates. They arent going to touch pvp until their precious mythic raids are where they want them.


Um it doesn’t specify, those look liek some flat out class changes so affects pvp also. Maybe im wrong?

HGow will this only be affected in pve and not pvp? Rogue

  • Assassination
    • All damage abilities increased by 8%.
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If they’re rushing this fix in I’m assuming sac and heals on pods are intended.

It does idk what their talking about it’s a flat buff an it doesn’t exempt PvP instances

You are right, it doesnt specify.

But anyone with 2 braincells to rub together can tell from those notes that it is 100% a pve patch and any pvp repercussions are collateral damage.


ur right, people were just hoping for pvp specific changes


Not the changes I wanted to see :frowning:


Well hopefully these are a good start, especially for assa rogues, then some better more specific pvp tuning later after tourny

We’ve had hotfixes multiple days in a row. Finally balance changes are now in their crosshairs and at least seed is being looked at. Chin up fellas, let them do their thing. Stuff will happen.

Nice i won’t be at a disadvantage now using 2h.

Missing out on a second enchant tho

Im not holding my breath, but heres to hoping.

I remember we said that in BFA S1. Oh there will be fixes after the first tourny.

No spec of DK or lock were played. One MW and one resto druid got eleminated very early. A warrior was subbed in for one game, they lost horrifically, and war was never seen again.

The patch came out, and nothing really changed…

I know it sounds cynicall, but I have pretty much given up on blizzard balancing pvp.


bring MW buffs


Does this make frost mage viable? I know little about their issues.

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No, it would require a frost buff and fire nerf to make frost viable

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Yeah, there is no pvp devs anymore, this is as good as you gonna get apart from vicious pvp nerf bat swings every patch.

Not nearly enough to make frost viable in PvP rn, no.

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Same espeically when they mentioned they’re not adding pvp stats back in the game