PvP Tuning Incoming - September 19

With scheduled weekly maintenance (on September 19 in this region), we intend to make the following tuning adjustments for Player versus Player activities.

Player versus Player


  • Disintegrate damage increased by 33% in PvP combat (was 20%).
    • Developers’ notes: Devastation’s killing power outside of cooldowns is lower than we’d like, so we’re increasing Disintegrates damage further to help Devastation in PvP. In future patches, we would like to further expand on this effort and move damage out of Dragonrage and into other areas.


  • Discipline
    • Penance healing is increased by 35% in PvP combat (was 15%).


  • Elemental
    • Volcanic Surge now increases the damage of Lava Burst by 45% (was 55%) and Lightning Bolt / Chain Lightning by 50% (was 35%).
  • Restoration
    • Riptide healing is now increased by 25% in PvP Combat (was 10%).
    • Healing Stream Totem healing is now increased by 30% in PvP Combat (was 20%).


  • Affliction
    • Unstable Affliction’s backlash damage increased by 35%.
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No marks hunter. Now we know what the developer plays.


did locks rly need buffed

rly blizz?


Hmm. I was really expecting a negative adjustment to Holy Paladin, Augmentation and/or Mage. Interesting.

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Ret PVP talent Lawbringer is being gimped by either horrible tuning or bugs that need to be corrected. No reason this PVP talent should consistently be less than 2% of my overall damage when I’m specced into 2 charges of Judgment and every possible cd reduction of Judgment.

Laser beams.

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This is appreciated, but honestly, I’d rather see more involved ways to create sustained damage. Like Pyre, Living Flame, or Eternity Surge/etc giving us X seconds of Dragonrage. And tune Mastery from there.

As a Devoker main, I’m getting tired of Disintegrate being such a huge part of the rotation. Its damage feels pretty cheap and easy. Living Flame is essentially only used offensively on Procs, and Azure Strike is a generator. I don’t often find moments where Pyre seems like a worthwhile global, especially if I waste Charge Blast outside of burst.

I would really love a reason to cast Pyre or a new rotational instant every once in awhile.

And y’all are absolutely right. Devoker feels too much like old Ret. Godmode when using its 2 minute burst, pretty ineffective outside of it.

I’d rather have more frequent offensive CDs than one huge long one.

Great to see changes even though 10.2 is on PTR. Only buffs to weak specs as well which is ideal towards the end of a season, encourages more people playing. Good stuff

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…nothing about Blood DK? No tune/nerf? :joy:

Are the devs even aware that a single Blood DK can currently survive “easily” against 15-20 players at the same time? How they can literally “solo” epic battleground bosses? It’s actually quite comical just how busted they are :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Last week I saw a single Blood DK “tying up” like 20 Alliance players without too much trouble, his healthbar yo-yo’ed but it took those ~20 players a good 3-4 minutes to take him down

Why would they nerf one of the weakest PvP specs?


Eh, not everything revolves around arena

When a single Blood DK can be “immortal” despite 20-25 players beating on it, that don’t seem right - it’s comical watching it lol

Except when talking balance, it does. All Blizzard cares about is 3v3. Battlegrounds, 2’s, RSS, none of that matters in Blizzard’s mind. 3’s is all they care about.

It does in the context of tuning passes.

Bear got a PVP nerf a couple of weeks ago which makes me think that they use RBG data to some extent.


I’d pvp but since there’s no 10.3 I’m just going to collect dreamsurge goo

really appreciated but what i want to see is have something to mitigate damage taken because if disentegrate get kick and really easy to do it we have nothing else except Living flame and when our hover are all used we are good as dead against melee

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100% yes, aff needed this. healers have been able to spam dispel UA with little to no risk of being punished


Feral buffs to survability and damage when? If not, why do you guys think Feral needs buffs?

In terms of class balance, yes it does. No one cares what happens in a gimmicked epic battleground.

Surprised MM wasn’t toned down a bit, haha.

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