PvP Tuning Incoming - February 26

(Kaivax) #1

[Updated 15:40 PST]
The changes below are now live in all regions.

Today, we’re working on hotfixes that will focus on two areas of concern.

As we’ve monitored PvP matches since our PvP mana changes to healers and Restoration Druids, we’ve found that Lifebloom, as a source of healing, has become too-efficient. While the reduction to Focused Growth’s increased healing and mana cost savings is a sizeable change, Restoration Druids have a wide variety of well-performing PvP talent options to fit in its place.


  • Restoration
  • Focused Growth now reduces the mana cost of Lifebloom by 8% (was 20%).
  • Focused Growth now increases the healing of Lifebloom by 8% per stack (was 20%).

Additionally, we’ve identified an Azerite Trait that has been providing too much healing in an arena environment when multiple members of a team equip the trait.


  • Heart of Azeroth
  • Bonded Souls healing reduced by 85% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 50%).

These changes are not live yet, but will be made live soon. I’ll update this post when the changes go live, and as always, you’ll see them noted in their final form in our next Hotfixes Update.

Blizzard Logic is getting confusing
(Jøhnø) #2

That’s…that’s it?

(Gravus) #3

I think I speak for all of us when I say:

Are you serious?

(Tupactopus) #4

please tell me this is bait

(Varrow) #5

Imagine not tuning dps classes at all.

Imagine not tuning them in a single part of the game.

Imagine being the blizzard class team.

I guess getting paid to make 4 changes a month is nice!

(Heckindoggo) #6

Rofl, good. You know what, I hope there aren’t any changes. Destro and all other lock specs were DoA with this expansion for MONTHS.

Long live the bolt lords.


Are u kidding me?

(Bertimus) #8

What in the actual…

Do you guys even read forums? Watch the tournament? This is seriously all you have for us?


noone even has bonded souls on live that pvps…plus i grinded it out and now its worthless


Thanks for fixing the game, blizz! Now all of those terrible classes that people can’t play are playable!


no disc buffs. Good job Blizz xD







alright. okay then


This isn’t all of them. Usually they update this post as they do them sky isn’t falling yet. Lol. They’re just being transparent as they do it.

(Gurbo) #16

what do the class devs even do all day? like they arrive at work, pour a coffee, then… what?


Great work blizz look forward to another hotfix or two next month! You never know when you’ll get layed off so don’t work too hard!

(Azulla) #18

What the flipping flop is this? Are these changes for ants???



(Blingtron) #20

Mana isn’t why your PvP tournament matches are embarrassing and long.

Players cannot achieve win conditions because the game never got tuned properly; buff under-performing specs, tune baseline abilities properly and let everyone do meaningful damage with multiple abilities (not just gimmick honor talents) so more avenues are open for kill opportunities before dampening.

Stop punishing healers with mana changes & absorb trinkets because nobody at Blizzard wants to go back and parse every ability for PvP spec-by-spec, as you should have back in beta.

Your doubling down on bad choices again.