PvP Tuning -- April 26

What are these, nerfs for ants? The nerfs need to be at least three times bigger than these


is that it is really a scam to stay an hour of LFG to play a loss and everyone is abandoned and wait another hour, plus you spend weeks and weeks to pvp and not progress better use those 15 dollars and buy vanguard that is cheap. :frowning: besides, those boster rating sellers have already taken over the pvp.

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big who cares

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you complete fool. inmotion predicted this, so you’re stupid for saying it

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Good thing they nerfed all of the burst specs alongside sin rogues.

well blizzard cares when you cancel your subscription they ask you a few questions so if they are indeed worried about losing players XD :stuck_out_tongue:

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Craven Strategem???


cool now nerf survival its disgusting seeing all these fotm rerolls


I never got to experience the awful one shot Prot warrior build, and it looks like I won’t have to. Thank god. :sweat_smile:


noone cares about spec power in 2s

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Yes. But the forums will be better for your departure


i feel like hpal should have lost of bit of their instant heal throughput for those buffs, it’s good to see casted heals buffed tho, especially for rsham

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took a month to not nerf resolve, locks or mages lol classic


sounds like someone needs to Git Gud

The shaman buffs! Lawd Jesus it’s a miracle. I’ll take these crumbs

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Actually hilarious that resolve hasn’t been nerfed, but they had no problem nerfing aegis. Resolve is one of the worst things ever implemented in PvP. Regardless whether they nerf lock or mage, having a trinket in the game that encourages degenerate gameplay and lowers the skill ceiling for a class is just braindead.


The only dps change being assa nerf (while completely warranted) is bad. Why not nerf all pve set bonuses by 50% in pvp there are some big outliers for dps specs…


You’ve been holding your breath longer than David Blaine, huh?

now that i reread through they actually buffed locks into pally anyway lol

Oh good, they finally fixed MW monk.

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