PvP Rings Bug and Resolution

The more I think about it, the more I realize it must have been. I remember not getting much honor in any BG except for AV, so I’d farm AV for honor and then do the others as needed for marks.

nice job, ty. can you please consider options for helping horde que times? I would suggest Horde -> Ally ONLY transfers. thanks


I hope you mean a 3 day ban for intending to profit from an exploit by purposefully queuing into competition (Arena). Not a REFUND like their lost little old ladies getting refunded because they accidentally bought wheat flour instead of whole grain.

I mean honestly I expected nothing to be done because Blizzard is that awful but lol what a gift for those who exploited.

Again the Blizzard motto, exploit EARLY and exploit OFTEN.

They should be banned, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it if they don’t.

This will sure teach those exploiters a lesson!!


The people saying this was how honor was back in the day are just trolls. The honor was nothing like this. It’s not even close. I remember because I had a lot of honor pieces and I didn’t BG that much. Actually a lot of people had a lot of pvp gear. People were using merciless gear and season 1 gear in raids. That’s how easy the pvp gear was to obtain. I even remember wotlk being a simple 17 bg grind to get 1 piece not 70. At this rate if you grind honor every day for 8 hours, youlll have a full set in 2.5 months. You also have to understand that the honor gear is generally LAST seasons gear. These sets were put in place to obtain with honor so that it’s easy to catchup. Honor gear has always been a catch up tool not the main way to obtain honor.

Actually to prove that I am right. Think about a simple 3s team at 1850. That will yield a weekly award of 737 points. That will require about 11 weeks of arenaing to get all of your pieces assuming that nothing requires rating. Compare that with 400 honor an hour to achieve 185,000 honor. That will equate to about 57 straight days of honor grinding at 8 hours a day. What kind of a catch up is 57 straight days of honor grinding?

No, for that 2 hour period of time anyone could buy the ring off the vendor.

An exploit would be like going into the game files and removing a few tiles in AQ40 to get straight to C’Thun or being able to take advantage of a bug that allows you to re-kill a raid boss and get loot over and over again.

An item being accidently placed on a vendor and people buying the item isn’t an exploit and has been fixed.

Exploit?! They clicked on the vendor and exchanged honor for an item. They were 100% abiding all rules, and you want them punished? This is Blizzard’s mess-up, and they fixed it.

So bloodthirsty.

Hey Kaivax,

You should not refund their honor because doing so will give them another advantage. There are honor caps instituted for a reason. If they honor capped after purchasing those items and are expecting their honor to be refunded, then they’ve essentially figured out a brilliant way to temporarily surpass the honor cap. Now they can go ahead and purchase X amount of things in anticipation of the honor refund. The items should be completely wiped out of their inventory.

I tried getting to the island myself and spent over an hour trying to get over the barriers with no luck. The only way they got there was knowingly through an exploit. This should be addressed accordingly.

That’s ridiculous. They happened to stumble upon an oopsie and ran with it. By the time the 81 people are refunded they’ll have had how much time to “brilliantly surpass the honor cap”?

You don’t happen to stumble upon an oopsie like this. Did you read my post? The ring vendor is in Isle of quel’danas, the final zone unlocked in TBC where the Sunwell raid is. They glitched into this zone to purchase the gear. There are barriers all across the island to prevent players from getting in and they still managed to do so knowingly.

I did read your post. I didn’t know they obtained them from QD…at no point in this thread is that mentioned, nor any of the terrain exploiting necessary to get there…which makes me think perhaps you’re assuming this.

If it’s reasonable to expect I should know this from the thread so far, my apologies, and I agree with you.

Honor rate sure doesn’t feel the same.

The number of games you have to win in a row just to get one piece of gear is astronomical. I remember being easily capped at 75k playing 20 hours a week. Now I need to put in 80 hours just to get one piece.

this. the least you could do is not refund their honor… lol

they had to clip through a wall, dude. gimme a break

I didn’t even know the S2 vendor bug was a thing until reading about here. Not like I knew how it got done, sounded like it was just available to purchase. If they had to clip or abuse mechanics in a way that a reasonable person should say this doesn’t add up then that makes it easy to punish since there’s no good defense at that point.

Wouldve been a long lasting meme if honor was this terrible in retail TBC. The grind for honor right now is horrific, there is no way this is accurate. Why nerf EotS flag cap honor then?? That was supposedly retail TBC-like. They are doing it on purpose and its going to make people quit.

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100 honor, whoa, I got 27 from AB today, and then 46 from Eots, was on for 2 hours, managed to get 182 honor from world pvp. Felt the bgs actually slowed my honor run down. Lol

Glad this issue got resolved

It’s good that you’re doing this but the fact that some people farmed 75k honor in a single day pre-patch is far more harmful to the game and you haven’t addressed that.

That likely also has a lot to do with the horde BG que times being outrageously bad. Any alliance players who cared about PvP capped the first day and have no need to return.