PvP Rings Bug and Resolution

please fix these darn bg que times… your effecting both factions with this. Lowbie alliance cant even level because groups of 70s are farming questing zones for honor. Horde cant que bgs. The honor rates are garbage yada yada


They don’t. In the like 3rd week people found out a bug with layering that let you have multiple raid lockouts and some streamers (Esfand) abused it to no punishment. Despite on his stream saying “Wait, I’m saved and the bosses are respawned and dropping loot, we probably shouldn’t take this. . .” Only to then take the loot one boss pull later because it was good stuff.

TLDR - Blizzard let them keep the items because “Couldn’t prove they knowingly exploited it.” Which basically means unless a streamer flat out said “Oh hey, these items aren’t meant to be available to me but they are so I’m going to take them before they fix this and have an advantage on stats!” they’re going to do nothing.

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“Be a good boy now, Johnny.”


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Yup; that’s how I feel about it too.

as much as I want this, the honor rate is like it was in tbc.

They should fix the cost of the items to match the effort needed for raids

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then #somechanges because this sucks

if they don’t want to touch honor rates then slash item costs whatever same thing in the end

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right, the raids are a joke but the amount of time/effort for the blue bg gear is ridiculous. not to mention adding in queue times for horde

Many players started with capped honor when you left gains bugged for almost an entire day. Those of us who were at work at that time are… months behind with little hope of ever catching up playing 100 honor bgs. Could you please act to ensure fair play?

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So exploiting a vendor selling an item which it obviously should not have and then using that same item despite it being swiftly removed is not an exploit?

they wont fix honor rates or queue times because they want people to beg for faction changes. that’s why faction change service was found in the tbc programming code, and shortly afterwards blizzard banned data-mining (seen in the ToS). they don’t want players to realize their monetary scheme.

What happens if their honor is capped?

I didnt do bgs at all for 2 days after patch launched. I capped to 75k and leveled a shaman to 59 while working 40 hours a week. Not my fault you didnt.

This has nothing to do with bg queues and everything to do with business as usual.[quote=“Twoshötz-area-52, post:21, topic:1001690”]
Horde cant que bgs

Yea they can.

Love how #somechanges only managed to add micro transactions, and manage to take PvP gains and make them less than what they were. The point of some changes was to make changes that would make the game better. All you did was take things and ask for money. You didn’t implement anything that makes BC a better experience. Why do you think we wanted the old game? Because for the last decade we gave chance after chance to the point where we are now on our final ride. If anyone thinks their plans for WOTLKC is gonna be hype you’re mistaken. The greatest thing about TBC was ruined within 2 weeks. Can’t wait to see 100% of the population running around as deathknights in classic wrath. Since boosts are already available you won’t need to lift a single finger to earn the right to make that character at level 55, and since everyone swapped their mains for meta like chickens and couldn’t wait to use horde racials and caused a massive faction imbalance now you want blizzard to stick their hands in a player made issue when they can’t even fix their own blizzard made issues. Blizzards just as bad as the players man.

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You guys made your bed.

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Spend it ASAP.

I wonder what happens when you refund honor to the guilty player who’s currently honor capped?

The psychological affect this had on the horde will be felt for years to come… It has led some of them to a rare form of PTSD where they try to make themselves look like Alliance… It is very funny when performed by male orc.

OMG you mean PvP is hapening on PVP servers… Daddy blizzard, please save us from ourselves

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The honor should absolutely not be refunded. By doing so you’re sending the message that it’s ok to cheat.

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