PvP Rewards and Item Levels

If you want to buy the conquest weapons from the vendor you need to earn the achievement for getting 5000 conquest throughout the season.

5000/550= 9.09

We can’t buy weapons from the conquest vendor until week 10

Who at blizzard thought this was a good idea, you lure us back to the game with hopes of decent gearing through pvp vendors just for us to find out a day before the season starts that we will only be able to buy a maximum of ONE 525 conquest cost item week 1, and WON’T BE ABLE to buy weapons off the conquest vendor until week 10.

Is this an out of season April fools joke?


I dont get why there has to be Ilvl differences between ranking on gear? cant there just be conq and honor gear???


The upgrade system is really bad for alts though, if i want full gear on my main and alts i need to get better raiting??? Like where does the sense come there for an mmorpg


If you get 1250 honor you also get a guaranteed 200 piece at the end of the week.


so this is literally the new way of gating (PVP) content


The cap isn’t high enough. 550 makes sense for a week, maybe two, but not the whole season.


is this a joke? 10 weeks to be able to buy a weapon? hello? garbage system


For the people who can’t read. Its 550 conquest a week and any conquest you didn’t earn the weeks before will be added to the cap the next week. This is worse then previous pvp vendor ratios.

Edit: I think a cap of at least 725 and removing the weapon gate and this would be perfect.

Edit: Weapon gate has been removed. Sick


Keep complaining, they’ll fix it eventually.


Yeah, this is not good and hugely unfair to PvP players. The rate of conquest acquisition is way too low with this system.

Edit: I think the system is good, but the numbers are way too low*


its better to wait 3 months and come back run 2s and get full gear


Thank you for recognizing PvP as a valid mode to obtain mythic level iLvL. Huge win for WoW PVP!


This is terrible imagine telling pve players they can only get an accessorie level piece of gear once per week. Come on blizz pvp vendors were so promising… fix this immediately And all of the imbalanced classes and give me back wotlk mm


pvp players are limited to honor gear for ages while pve players are able to infinitely grind mythic 15 gear plus raid gear. RAISE THE CONQUEST LIMIT.


The conquest cap is low probably because they made higher ilvls way easier to obtain through pvp, you get heroic raid ilvl gear for 1600 down from 1800, and mythic raid ilvl for 2.1k down from 2.4k in BFA.

I disagree. The PvP systems of the past always had it where we could only buy one piece a week if we was lucky. Originally you could earn more conquest a week, but pieces cost a lot more too. A piece or two a week from conquest vendor, which can then be upgraded via honor is fine. We finally have a PvP vendor and a viable upgrade path. Lets not be greedy.

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Can’t you buy jewelry and trinkets week1?

Oh, so rating no longer increases the available conquest cap? Interesting…

ah so we get a vendor and we cant use it

cant wait to be forced to raid and m+ again if i want to be remotely optimal in content that has nothing to do with raiding

10 weeks to get a wep when i can blindfold myself and walk into heroic nathria and just be lucky day 1

g g

limit needs to be 1000-1500 dependent upon your cr


You guys really can’t do anything right, can you?