PvP Rating Adjustments

blizzcon players are not able to get gladiator right now because nobody is playing the game

nobody is playing the game because it’s easier to abuse inflation later in the season and you’re not rewarded well enough right now to justify putting the time in if you don’t enjoy the game

you’re a complete moron


I am also assuming this MMR increase is across all brackets? Even though this seems to address 3s.

Youre an idiot but thats fine. Keep coping with your dumb takes and mental gymnastics.

They still going to inject mmr. Go be mad about that now lol.

So useless.


why would i be mad about more people playing the game

i’m interested in structural changes that can’t happen this season

giving the ladder free mmr to get people to play it this season is the only actual solution they can implement


Uh huh.

Interesting. Or not.


are you having a stroke or are you always this stupid


The least surprising outcome given artificial inflation. Glad you’re doing something about it. Please look into a system where you don’t have to intervene every single season, though.


Thank you for the update, I love to see communication like this.

It would be amazing if the good folks over at Blizzard could, perhaps as an article, or even a forum post, discuss their thoughts, goals, or intentions behind their choices with the PvP MMR system.

Could this happen?

For example, when Riot games–a major competitor in the space–makes a big change to their competitive systems, they talk about the goals of the change, and the reasoning for why they make the changes they do. It feels like Blizzard plays their cards close to their chest, in contrast. The recent posts about SoD have been a huge positive example of this!

But in retail it leaves players, particularly PvP ones, feeling a bit lost–shouting into the void.


Maybe the problem is that we have been taught to expect 30 mmr per week, and we understand that it will be possible to play the game only at the end of the season?

Maybe Blizzard should take a look at the system they themselves created?

What’s the point of paying for a subscription for the first 4 months when you can play quietly for the last 2.

What kind of marketing genius came up with this?


This season is the deadest I’ve ever seen it. I’m getting swtor solo q vibes


(aftermath of artificial inflation destroying the game)

Heaps of activity start of season
People get 3k

Mid season no one plays, all 3k players sitting taking the mmr with them, highest people can get 2700 now no hope of catching.

Blizz think ok lets inflate ladder over the course of the season so this doesn’t happen anymore.


To little to late in my opinion. Because everyone quit playing the game already. This should have be done at the beginning of the season.


You sound mad.

Guess i hit a nerve
Go touch grass, maybe youll handle me being right a bit better.

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What you are explaining now has led to what is happening now. And now, if you haven’t noticed, the ladder is dead, everything went on at its slow pace. Even Kennie, who liked you, didn’t get a gladiator last season (2) or first season df (I don’t remember exactly), he’s stuck at 2.3k and trying to justify this system, he literally didn’t have enough just a little, IN THE 6 MONTH PERIOD OF THE GAME!

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It does not seem like you have been. Healers have been crying for almost over a year about rating deflation and DPS are sitting in hour long queues and nothing in your post mentioned anything to fix this.

Yes it’s obvious even to new players that 1 hour queues to get into content isn’t a good thing. There have been countless suggestions on here and nothing has been done. The time for talking should’ve been over a long time ago, we need action.

The amount of patience blizzard demands from its players is staggering at times.


Yeah no doubt, thats just why it happened.

I was on team rating decay but keep mmr at the time. So people couldn’t sit, had to q, but mmr stays on ladder so they could easily just q a single game and get big points.

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Downside of decay is people may not want to feel obligated to play a character every week. So they could also sit out until the last month of the season and just queue then. (like right now)

this was in hindsight a WAAAAAAAAAY better solution for the health of the game


the moving piece here is that waiting until the end of the season (now) rewards you with passive mmr wealth so you quickly fly up cr

if mmr doesn’t passively inflate waiting till the end just means you’re on a timer to have a positive winrate through multiple brackets

Then stop messing with soloq mmr specifically and lying to the player base YET AGAIN