PvP Rating Adjustments

kaivax if you are still here, please heed this. ask yourself, why would anyone queue right now if in 6 months the rating they would be now would just be +600

im sure youre aware of this but please relay to your squad


Yeah, because we’ve all decided to not queue until they add inflation. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

Remember I tried to tell you about that last season? Ehehehe.


MMR fix is just a tip of the iceburg for the issues exsting in wow pvp now. PVE-based zug zug meta dominates setups/cc’s (even sub rogue is a pve zug spec now LMAO). Nothing good has happened since the CC/healer trinket changes. The design philosophy of appealing to “casuals” and SS has only made the game more dead than ever. Dampening kicks off too fast in SS which is horrible for healers, too. Every class/spec rework creates a monster in the pvp meta, etc.

Kudos to the faster tuning response overall this expansion but come on it’s not like this game hasn’t been out for more than a decade and its devs are still clueless on whether something will be severely overtuned before they get released. Devs can’t just be tinkering stuff when things are going wrong. They need to have serious strategic plans for how wow pvp should evolve in the long run. So far I have only seen one setback after another.


now i know, now i know.
made a fresh brewmaster and it was my highest rated one within 24 hours after queueing 1000 rounds throughout the whole season

like what a yikesss

Yeah, no need to channel your inner Swole when you can just wait until the 2 week. :dracthyr_nod:


I have a question about this. Wasn’t MMR capped in RSS after S1? I could have sworn there was a blue post LITERALLY saying it was to keep inflation down in favor of 3s. Also if it’s not capped why would MMR have to be inflated to help people climb?


Arena is dead. Give us rated blitz.


The problem isn’t that they are going to artificially inflate mmr again, I really don’t care what ratings or rewards people get.

The problem is that doing this again just keeps the major flaw of late season queing around. Even if they turn on artificial inflation from week1, it will never not be better to wait til the end of a season to que.

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this is a bit of a misunderstanding of the system

artificial inflation itself is the problem yeah

i think a lot of people don’t realize artificial inflation is a new system that has only existed since the middle of last expansion

all of the issues and mentalities the community has adopted recently are solely because artificial inflation exists at all

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can you ballpark how ‘significant’ these adjustments will be?


Probably, I should have put does having to do this mean the ladder is that dead? Or dead at certain ratings?

Give healers 1k a shuffle already. The increased activity from that alone will inflate the ladder.

But also thanks for another useless post of “we’re thinking about something” been a year since you said that about healer incentives.

My expectations are 0, less talk more action please.


Well, last season is was 20 per week starting week 5 or whatever, and the extra was like 80 over the course of the first week so probably something similar or perhaps a bit more aggressive? :dracthyr_love_animated:

OW style rating system, let’s go!

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the ladder is dead because people realized that abusing artificial inflation will always be a better answer than progressing via better gameplay

blizzard basically implemented a cr cheat code like 5 seasons ago and now we’re at the point where people are demanding that the cheat code get them results faster and faster


Yeah, that’s right. Put the MMR in the bag. :dracthyr_nod:


Can you stop being dumb.

Unless you believe blizzcon players are not able to get gladiator right now because they sre not good enough, this take is the dumbest of them all.


up up down down left right left right b a start and im 21hundo, see you next season


Thanks for the update

Please consider doing the most simple and stable solution from here on out:

Detaching Rated PvP rewards from Current Rating.

  1. Due to the way inflation works, a lot of players refrain from queuing until later in the season to get rewards. They know it’s easier to get rewards attached to current rating after months of inflation.
  2. Most players are not above average players. Any healthy ladder needs most of the rewards to be earned as a participation mechanic, not reserved for a small group of participants.
  3. If you attached exclusive rewards to alternative ranking systems, such as rewarding players based on their in-season ranking among characters of the same spec, then people are incentivized to play whenever they want, if not earlier in a season. I.e. Instead of Warrior Elite Armor fully unlocked at 1800 current rating, it could be unlocked whenever a player enters the top 50% of Arms Warriors over 1500. So the reward could be unlocked at lower CRs when the ladder is more deflated.

Also, please comment on intended timeline and changes for Rated Blitz :dracthyr_love_animated:


hopefully more aggressive

whatever the change i would rather have SL s2 than what we have now