PvP Rating Adjustments

Huh? :dracthyr_a1: Also not sure how my rating is relevant.

Flood the mmr.

Kaivax basically just explained that there isn’t an aritficial MMR cap:

The statement confirms that there is no upper limit or cap on a player’s MMR in WoW. This means that a player’s MMR can theoretically continue to increase as long as they are winning matches and performing well.

“Population Trends:”
Means the size of the player population plays a significant role in influencing both the average ratings and the variance in those ratings. A smaller player population (as we have seen so far this season) results in lower average ratings and less variances.

Conversely, a larger player population generally leads to higher average ratings and greater variance. As we typically see towards the end of the season.

particularly at the onset of a new season, is rooted more in player participation levels. A robust initial player turnout is crucial for establishing a dynamic and diverse competitive landscape. This diversity is essential for effective matchmaking and meaningful rating progression. Conversely, low player engagement at the start of a season can lead to challenges such as long que times, compressed rating ranges, and potentially less motivation for players to participate, thereby perpetuating a cycle of reduced engagement.

Thus, enhancing early season player participation is key to maintaining a healthy and competitive PvP ecosystem.

While it’s true that adjusting our approach to the season’s timeline is important, the core issue lies in Blizzard fostering consistent player engagement throughout the entire season. Blizzard needs to find ways to encourage a large number of players to participate as actively at the beginning of the season as they do towards the end. Not Via Inflation This challenge is distinct from the issues addressed in Kaivax’s post and requires a separate, focused strategy to ensure a healthy rated PvP environment from season start to finish.


I’m pretty sure solo shuffle is fine.

It’s 3v3 that’s dead because it has virtually no casual playerbase anymore.

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100 then 5 a week


To do this, blizzard need to add the best trinkets for M+ pushers, a vendor into PvP for 2100 rating, so that they are motivated to join in Q.

There are no longer enough of us to participate, and Blizzard need must force M+ and raid players to play rated pvp.

And it’s important to note. Only rated 3v3, no solo shuffle and no 2v2 and no blitz.

All these noob brackets also took away participation from the most important ladder.


I believe most people are saying that this is the issue.

Definitely not me: PvP Rating Adjustments - #63 by Vloshko-gilneas

The problem is blizzard keep reseting MMR every season why u would do that? If u been 2700MMR u starting 2000 MMR at the best in new season. Ofcourse no one has s3 Gladiator yet because why regular people would queue 3v3 if they know they never get gladiator until last 3 weeks of the season.
Also each bracket must have UNIQUE rewards so people simply dont play only solo shuffle and other brackets are dead.

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I ran into him 3 times, I’m 2130CR and MMR was 2200. He’s 2400CR and MMR he’s not gaining anything by beating us besides wins.


100% PR Bulls*it statement from bliz. MMR is F-d


Because they artificially inflate the ladder every week D:<

People get like 400 mmr a season just by existing. If they didn’t reset it, the average player’s mmr would be like 2400 right now

The effort actually destroyed everyone’s queues. instead of having 0 rated people queue into a 1600 bracket or having 1200 people queueing into an 1800 bracket maybe work out an alternative logic that doesn’t force players to sit into 1 hour queues on some nights.

The biggest failure in the Solo Shuf queue system is when a queue pops, and when a 5th or 6th player doesn’t accept the person who accepted yet forced to wait for another queue never gets placed in “front of the line”.

That is the biggest failure of Solo Shuf IMO.


Rather than trying to coerce Mythic+ and raid players into PvP through gear requirements, it’s more important to encourage consistent participation throughout the season. Forcing players into a playstyle they don’t enjoy could lead to a negative experience. A better approach might be to address the relevance of PvE gear in PvP, though I digress, that’s a separate issue.

The issue isn’t the total number of players but the distribution of their participation across the season. The surge in the last month shows there are enough players. Forcing anyone into specific gameplay can be counterproductive and is likely to harm the PvP environment.

Solo Shuffle, 2v2, and Blitz are valuable parts of the PvP ecosystem, offering accessible entry points for newcomers and a variety of experiences for all players. These formats can act as gateways to more competitive play, including 3v3 (the most fun ladder imo), and are crucial for maintaining a vibrant PvP community.

Rather than detracting from the ‘most fun ladder (imo),’ these formats help build and diversify the PvP player base. They’re essential for introducing new players to PvP and providing different ways to engage with the game, contributing positively to the overall PvP scene.

Y’all worse than Tyrone Biggums over this MMR lol don’t give them a taste of high ratings. They’ll start fiending


Please make a departure from rating as it currently stands. A fixed number no longer has value, unless there can be some consistency from season to season.

Rather, if you want to keep rating as simple way to offer achievements, than so be it, but ladder standings (class/spec/role) have a lot more value, especially from a balancing vantage point. Introduce brackets similar to other PvP games.

To that, the current system is causing massive pooling around the 1600-2000 range. While I don’t have the top down view from your vantage point, it’s noticeable in the levels of skill that are currently over lapping. New or low ilvl players need to be started at a lower rating unless they have historically high XP. New players and gearing players are constantly on farm as better and geared players progress to the ratings more appropriate to their skill levels. By tossing players immediately into the 1600-2000 range, it makes it more difficult for healers to progress and players can languish for the greater part of the season UNLESS they put in a great deal of time or get lucky with matchups.

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Thank you for the response and taking some action.

I made a thread recently on the arena forums and wasn’t happy about the current PvP experience.

Impressed to see you guys work on this before the holidays.

Thank you!

Seems like a big participation problem.

Any plans to incentivize or try to get casual or even semi-casual players to try rated PvP? Or is rated PvP still only for people who have 10+ years of experience at competitive PvP without any cool rewards unless you rank best of the best?


Solo shuffle ruined PvP


That is a valid question, and I don’t disagree with you. To understand your perspective better, are you suggesting a system where:

  • 2700+ reduced to 2000-2200

  • 2000-2699 reduced to 1800-1999

  • 1700-1999 reduced to 1600-1799

  • 1400-1699 reduced to 1200-1599

  • Players Below 1400 minimal reduction as the aim is to encourage ongoing improvement and engagement. For instance, someone at 1000 might be reset to around 800-1199.

Or would you arrange it differently?

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