PvP Rank Pools Hotfix Coming October 13

“We got rid of pool parties,” the Blizzard employee stated with a smile on his face, nodding while his brothers and sisters pat him on the back. The endless chants of praise from fellow coworkers drown the cries of the confused player base.

What a good thing I have done, thought the programmer, enjoying the picture he painted inside his head, blind to the two dozen bots flyhacking above him to reach the next Black Lotus.


So are you going to keep banning people for pool parties too who have active characters? How do you plan to deal with servers with no bracket 14 spot due to low population?

I don’t expect these things to be answered and I asked this before reading other comments so who knows what other people already said. I’m glad my ranking is done on my two characters. Good luck to those trying to rank at the end of phase 5 and in phase 6.


There’s always at least 1 rank 14 spot.

Now, it will be impossible to get R13-14 unless pvping 16 hours a day on Herod for 4 months straight. Nice. Thanks for that.


No. If the pool is too low there is not always one BR14 spot.

There needs to be at least 330 characters in the pool for a BR14 spot.


I was about to do my ranking starting this week on another character.

I spend money to have some accounts to pad so you are about to lose abunch of subscriptions.

Since there is no more padding, its so hard to rank and I probably wont do it. This is such a stupid decision and I will look for another game


you already let the best year of classic have this go on, its pointless to take it out now, the game is already what it is. this is a dumb change


Am I the only one who has no idea what this change even does or why it would matter? I’m so confused.

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If a server is that dead it needs to be merged.

And exploiting should not be an acceptable solution to create a rank 14 slot.


yea wtf im on a server with less than 500. LOLS GUES IM NOT PLAYING WOW CLASSIC


Not true at all.

So instead of fixing anything of actual importance blizzard goes after pool parties what an absolute joke of a company. Sure fly hacking bots jumping from lotus to lotus or pulling entire instances from the sky are fine. But lord forbid we make these rankers like lives any easier. Back to one mil plus caps for every server now. What a healthy lifestyle they’re gonna force players into. lol gonna have another incident that caused the honor system to change in the first place in vanilla lol


/shrug i’d love to see the documentation for that.

Yea lets change this, which does not negatively affect any players, but lets ignore areas in the game where we all know we can find 20+ bots at any time of day.


You guys are so terrible with your decision. Enjoy losing 5000 booster subs this month due to this change. What a good business decision LOL.


Why on earth would you do this?
incoming thousands of booster accounts that will unsub>


So, this basically means that people that work and have families have 0% chance to get GM. Thanks blizzard for punishing the actual player base and sidelining the bots until they fine another revenue stream. Because… they WILL find another way. “Fixes” like this cause more harm than good.


No there isn’t, you have to have enough people in the pool to create it. It’s not automatically there

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Rip Herod ranking. Good thing I just finished my tank 11!

/shrug once again i’d love to see the documentation for this.

One of the easiest ways to get rank 14 back in the day was to roll on a low pop realm.