PvP Rank Pools Hotfix Coming October 13

Obviously Blizzard thinks that people ruining their life in a quite literal sense is core to classic


wow! 890k for an entire week!! so hardcore!


I think at this point it would be ideal to add the pre-tbc honor system and let people buy items with tokens.


:frowning_face: well it’s just mankrik… it’s not one of the hardcore servers. but it seems like a lot considering he’s logged in 24/7. I guess maybe it’s not…

i did 750k in 3 days on my last week of HWL…

Uh yeah, 890k is pretty absurd.

I know I’m saying premades will have to grind harder and longer to protect the now limited number of bracket slots. As opposed to inflated brackets which increase gains for an entire server, lower caps, and make breaks less significant

I guess they weren’t kidding when they said it’s a full time job for some people.

150k/day pace is 1.05 million. 890k is a lot of honor but it is lower than what it could be due to pool bloating. Without as many pool bloats; you better hope youre on 150k/day pace.

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Enjoy the return of 1.5 million honor caps thanks blizz


It boggles me how blizzard continues to choose the fixes that do nothing for their actual players and probably cost them sub ROFL. This company is ridiculous




Some people might want the title for TBC and it was easier to rank this phase than earlier.


This is the worst classic change blizzard has made to date. This will ruin organized PvP on many servers, it only affects CURRENT rankers and not past rankers, and makes the system even more awful. On the plus side I get to cancel my multibox subscriptions now.


Lmfao what a complete joke. Of all the issues with this game and with all of the grievances that we have, they choose the one that does not negativity affect anyone to “fix”. Like seriously, who is making these completely arbitrary decisions? Please go fix issues that the playerbase wants fixed instead of “fixing” an issue that players have learned to work around.


I realize this, but the real solution is just to scrap the honor system not allow an obvious exploit to continue.

And if removing that exploit makes things more painful so people speak up instead of living with it and forces those changes all the better.

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I agree. That would have been cool.

And the fix is going to hurt low pop servers. We are already looking into getting more accounts to at least help lessen the load. And the player pool parties will help bring in the rest.

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a change that 95% of the players didnt ask for


You got DMT hackers, lotus teleport hackers, but instead you fix this nonsense which for ONCE helped communities not farm 1.5mil honor a week ??? Can this team do anything right ever ? Thanks, I am about to go from farming 500k honor a week to 1.5mil a week. Cancerous company.


Why though? What does this do for the player base that is in any way positive? What is wrong with yall?