Pvp Rank Pool Changes

I agree that the ranking grind is to monetized and people are making a lot of profit off of your platform, but this change also effects people who are respecting ToS. Maybe increasing the natural amount of bracket slots would be a more happy medium? This change came a week before my goal of 13 and it’s hitting me pretty hard. This change is massive and only takes away from your players, an update like this can be give and take and still remedy the issue.


They are making it so that deleted characters no longer contribute to the total pool of players. Its only a massive change if you and your server mates are exploiting the system.


In all likelihood they won’t do anything because their goal of pushing out a change that improves the game in no way and also hurts the playerbase has been met.

Every server has some form of boosting, it’s been this way since P2 launch so why make a change like this a year later?


eXpLoItInG tHe sYsTeM

Because they care souch about exploits they have fixed the ones that actually matter and the players actually asked for… Oh wait.


I mean… I enjoy a 6g righteous orb as much as the next guy, too, but I still expect them to ban the bots.


But do you enjoy only making 6g when you loot one? There’s a downside to that which there isn’t for pool boosting. This isn’t just botting thing we’re talking about its the only way to hit max rank for some servers. Particularly the ones where brave players stayed when the rest of the faction jumped ship.


I mean, there is a downside for pool boosting. It reduces the integrity value of ranks. Whether that matters to a given person or not just tells you whether they have a competitive mindset or if they see the grind as a chore for gear.

It also is annoying seeing pool party spam in chat.


Still have flying bots but were focusing on pool bloat well after most people finished their PvP grind

Really focusing on what matters here arent we blizzard


If they wanted to make a change like this, it should have been a year ago.
The ranks have already “lost” value.


Better start transferring

Imagine ranking at this point :rofl:


I mean pvp is super cringe now, like its down to just one shotting at this point rather than skill

imagine playing classic for its pvp at this point

Except I’m talking about an actual in game economic downside vs a perceived downside of ranking integrity.

Then they should’ve fixed it a year ago, not when over 90% of the pvp population already obtained said ranks.

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I don’t defend them failing to handle hacks and botting, but this is a fairly easy exploit to nail down. With all big long laundry lists of problems you gotta start somewhere so this is a start.

I feel that they could be a lot more aggressive with the action taken against cheating and hacking and that investment of effort would be rewarding not only for Classic WoW but Retail and eventually TBC also.

There is no loss in output by investing into the integrity of the game play so long as that effort is made. Failing to do so is far more costly in the long term than just letting it slide because getting the people on your side so that they want to buy your games is a big component in being profitable. Blizzard has for too long banked on former deeds to prop them up, and account balance of good will has been in overdraft for a few years now.

Lol as if this change gets anyone on their side go read the hot fix thread bud.

I did, and you are concerned with this one specifically.

Although there are these other things.

What do you say about the fact that it is literally impossible to rank passed r12 on low pop servers now?

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It’s going to be another service offered by bot accounts. Blizzard is upping their subscriptions again!