Pvp Rank Pool Changes

“lvl 1 deleted characters” but lvl 1s will still count, shows you that this patch is more of an angle for Blizzy to bring in more subscriptions.


That is not the Blizzard way. Exploit early and exploit often is the Blizzard way, because Blizzard is slow to move to change/fix anything, and tend not to punish/remove the benefits from people who exploited.


Imagine fixing this after all the people who typically rank are already done?

Like what a stupid change.

I think almost the entire population who wanted to rank already has 2+ rank 14’s, this change is beyond late to even matter.

Not to mention its a silly change as all it does is benefit the server by having pool parties, it lessens the grind for everyone who wanted to rank by fixing this broke ranking system.

So many better things to fix.


This will only further industrialize the “pool bloating” Because instead of anyone with 2 accounts now you will need hundreds and the only ones who have those resources are the massive bot farms in russia and china

They will profit more because the competition is gone and the prices will be higher.

People will still pad the brackets but now its the bot farms who will profit.

Blizzard just bloat the ranks yourself please

Small servers will die and many pvpers will leave the game.

Please reconsider blizzard

People will be unable to get r14 on small servers

Please inflate the brackets yourselves

I’d say that’s exactly what they wanted. Now you have to transfer to another server to rank up if you still want it. More $$.

If this was about $$ blizzard would of had this change into effect before the first people got rank 14.

Kind of silly to say its about money when the majority of players have been done ranking for months.

Had to unblock you for this one since you’re always salty. Actually no, lots of people transferred to low pop servers for easier ranking to begin with. Now people will be doing it the opposite way if they still care about ranking. Honestly my post was kind of satire in that they still would probably have made about the same amount of money either way (which will be little at this point because ranking is almost dead now). If they had done this change earlier however they would have made significantly LESS money, but i know you have a hard time thinking through your comments before you post.

ill beat u with any class noob, classic pvp is 10x better and more balanced than retail

Better? Questionable. More balanced? Sure, I’ll give you that.

This is a good change. The number or people who achieved ranks they never would have because of pool inflating is ridiculous.

There is a way around it still… coordinate with other servers, don’t delete the toons and pool party like people used to.

Otherwise - I think you’ll still be able to pay people to pool inflate, albeit at a much higher cost - all while during a time when it matters least.

There is legitimately no good reason to rank other than the hopes of a title in TBC.

Most people rank out at 11 for gear and while that can take a while, most people getting HWL, or GM isn’t doing it for gear. They’re doing it because they love pvping. It’s not just about pooling. Getting HWL is still hard even with pooling. It’s still a second full time job with the hours put into it. Our server has pretty low caps, and that still takes a lot of time to do every week. So, no, it doesn’t reduce the value of ranks at all.

Was talking to the guy who was calling everyone cheaters

this is my take on it. they prob figured in more transfer fees from servers that dont have the population to support the bracket spots.
im on the fence myself. on a high pop server i know ill face higher caps, but i know there will be enough in the pool, and ill be able to find people to group with.
looking more like ill leave wow again first.

There is no basis of PvP skill required to rank. It’s purely a matter of time invested. Even with an inflated pool, to reach r14 requires 50-70 hour weeks of only PvP, depending on the server. There are no “free epics” even in the pool boosted PvP grind. Pool boosting does not grant bracket slots to people who haven’t done an adequate honor grind.


But now you get to actually compete for the rarest title in the game.

Lets see whats still going on?

Fly hacking? check
Botting on an unbelievable scale? Check
Teleport hack teleporting straight to nodes/lotus? Check

Wait what? Deleted characters are adding to the Honor pool??? What in the actual f is this???
PVP’rs are literal scum of the earth WE MUST FIX THIS NOW

Yea their priorities are right where they should be …

Or people go back to the way they boosted pools prior to paying bots to do it.

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I mean more sub money for blizzard. But overall it’s w/e blizzard is going to do blizzard things.

PS I like how all the people complaing super hard about pvp changes post on alts and not their mains cause there like afraid to get recognized.