PVP on alts is like bashing head against concrete wall

It’s widely know that the way to begin to efficiently gear up an alt in Shadowlands is through PVP, mainly battlegrounds and epic battlegrounds.

However, the gap between the people who play on their mains and people leveling a new toon has become so vast that it’s nearly pointless to even attempt to play because you’ll spend the majority of your time dead wondering what the hell just happened.

The amount of times that I have been two shot before even reaching an opponent has become a real source of annoyance and it’s quickly becoming a deterrent from playing.

I’m not really sure why there isn’t a system where you’re not thrown into games against people with 40k health when you just dinged 60 and are trying to upgrade your intro unranked PVP gear.

It’s hard to imagine that a company as profitable as Blizzard can’t afford to take time and create a matchmaking system that levels the playing field.

It’s not fun the way it is, as well as not being fair.


You know it’s bad when even Ion acknowledges it, instead of using his usual lawyer-speak.

They just made the gear power scaling waaaaaay too outrageous.


Ive leveled to 60 five times and then just quit because there is no point throwing myself into a battleground. Its not fair to my team and not at all enjoyable for me.

I’m pretty close to giving up on this game.


If you have a leveling friend, try party sync. You’ll be quite strong even as an undergeared 60, with about same honor gains. (Which is I know kind of sucks that it needs to be this way instead of just gearing normally)

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yep when Ion talks about going back to WoD pvp gearing it is a backtrack of his garbage for the last 4+ years

He would not make that statement lightly, it means all of their internal metrics are indicating that his reinventing the pvp gearing wheel have never been as good as what the founders already realized and implemented


My solution is to stop leveling alts at 50, PVP is great at that level compared to 60. Right now my highest alt is 47 and will not be going to 60.

I’m in a BG right now with my 45 rogue, and it’s way more fun than 60 PVP in BGs.


if it makes you feel any better (it won’t), my guy is stuck at 199 because of no non-rated progression path, and I get nuked into oblivion in BGs. which is why I quit doing them weeks ago. I refuse to be a currency battery for someone else.


yeah this might actually be the root issue. like the difference between me at 220 and a 200 is literally omegalul. Its like 40 or 50% difference in overall effectiveness for a 10% ilvl gap.


I getting the feeling that many already have left the game. The game in its current design is no longer fun.


And what’s sad is that you’re completely useless against 215s/220s at this point, so you can’t do anything fun to get better gear, pvp wise.


I always wonder when I see numerous posts like this, people will still say players are enjoy ing the current system.
I’m sure if it’s that great, no changes will be needed, and they are right. Clearly not the case.


bUt yOu GoTtA dO tHe cOntENt iF yoU WaNT thE gEaR. gIT guD rabble rabble etc etc


Imagine if you paid attention to an interview in context and realized the complaint is that people are PVPing to get gear for PVE currently. Doesn’t surprise me how many people here are unaware.

Yeah it’s awful that’s why we should go back to legion templates. You can hit max level and compete right away.


then educate the people in here, nothing more has been said that those two excerpts that are taken at face value.

what else do we need to know?

Can confirm the OP’s post. When I join random BG’s as a 220 HPal I’m basically unkillable. So many people trying to gear alts. It takes literally 10 people in ilvl 150 gear to kill me.

Meanwhile, when I queue for random BG’s on my fresh 60 Warrior I have the opposite problem. Can’t kill the other team’s 220 Disc Priest / Holy Paladin, and there’s at least one in 80% of games.

Either side of the equation is no fun to play.


Agreed, so much this.


You mean you don’t like your team getting solod by 1 225 Affliction lock?

The gear disparity between 180-220 ilvl is way worse than any disparity in Classic.

PVP is pretty bad atm for gearing.


Currently, the OP is stating how pvp is bad for alts. Nothing about pve. Therefore, what context are you discussing in this thread?
And yes, currently pvp offers better gear for the time being, but it’s interfering with those who mainly pvp, which I believe was the point of the OPs post. Or not?

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I have 7 60’s and pvp is not even worth it unless I go on a pally, my hunter lead the bg’s when 59 and now at 60 I can’t kill anything…I agree, this game is junk, it’s only for people that live in their momma’s basement with no job only wow…


Ion loves a giant power gap. It’s a reward to PvE players for playing the game right. We saw it in BfA, especially at the end when massively overgeared elites in bgs were covered in corrupted gear that removed any possibility of competition.

There certainly were those PvE heroes who thought this was great and thought they deserved even more. That’s where we are right now.

No doubt the spreadsheets are showing rapidly dropping participation from the casuals who used to be the target demographic for randoms.

Are devs capable of implementing a working solution that will benefit all PvPers, not just those who do rated? Remember Ion doesn’t do PvP, and he’s the idea guy.

Imagine if you were paying attention to complaints. While some people are complaining about having to do PvP for PvE gear, way more are talking about how easy and fun it is to steamroll badly geared players to reach their honor and conquest cap weekly.

Why do you keep saying this? Absolutely no one has suggested re-implementing anything remotely resembling Legion templates. Except you.