PvP needs spell batching or the meta is tarnished

Except landing a headshot in CS is actually skill based not luck based.


How in the hell is vanishing a deathcoil luck based? How in the hell is Gouging a blink luck based?


Because it’s not based on your skill, it’s based on how the server is resolving the abilities.

It’s really not hard to understand, if you miss a headshot in CS it’s because your cross hair wasn’t in the right spot. If you happen to land mutually exclusive abilities in wow it’s because you got lucky with how the server randomly happened to resolve them.


Okay but if you’re anticipating a death coil, or you’re anticipating a blink, and you intentionally time your vanish, or your gouge, or whatever else - how is that luck?

I don’t care how much skill you want to quantify that outcome as but it’s not a random event - it’s something you can control reliably.


Because you still have no control over how the server will actually resolve the abilities.


Yes you do, the server would 100% of the time leave the mage as gouged if you gouged him at the same time as blink. You could 100% vanish a death coil, every single time without fail if you timed it right. You could sit out there in durotar and do it over, and over, and over. The behavior was not undefined/random, it was consistent and predictable. In what way is it not?


Except it wasn’t consistent or predictable. You’re claiming the handful of times it happened to work for you trump the many more times where either your ability went off or the other persons did despite everything else being the same.


Except it was, and there are dozens of arena videos that corroborate that. Why do you say it wasn’t consistent or predictable when people consistently predicted it in videos and live on twitch up until four years ago?


No, this isn’t contradicting myself, you are just confused on what I am saying. What I am saying is the top players like maybe the top .5% of people are even going to be attempting half of these split second ccs on top of the opponents cc. BUT even though they may be good enough to time these, it is still EXTREMELY lucky if they pull them off. Think of it as a 1/10 chance even if they time it correct. A 1/10 chance to avoid something in your scenarios by no means determines meta.

That’s like saying “Hey if you get rid of the Mind Control bug where the enemy DCs then this changes the meta for disc priests because thats what they used to win sometimes”

You are just wrong I am sorry


That’s fine if you want to pretend that, you’ll probably be blaming everytime you lose on you not getting lucky.


Except any top player will tell you that’s total nonsense and that bad players telegraph their blinks, deathcoils, kidneys, and everything else and it was why beating them was so easy. It only would become “rare” when two good players were fighting each other because they were aware of these situations and were actively trying to avoid being countered by them. That’s what meta is.


No that’s just people ignoring all the times that only spell actually went off because the server was resolving spells as intended.


Okay, well, lol stick a fork in PvP, yet again.

Spell batching will only affect the highest of the highest level PvP

This is one of the changes that cant be fought

It only affects the highest of the highest level PvP which makes it one of the changes that cant be fought. It’s like pottery, this really takes me back to 2010


I want to see Classic be like Vanilla, so this needs to be back in.

There was also a huge change to how melee attacks hit when Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch was released. Basically you could hit from further away. Blizzard only has to watch the videos to see it. I don’t know what technically changed, I and others would discuss it with Bashiok to try to find out the exact change. But we were all there on the forums explaining how some skill was removed from the game because of these changes.

All Blizzard has to do is watch the old pvp videos. Those of top tier players and those of mid tier players (or lower). And Blizzard can see, the game responded differently, and allowed for more skillful play. I played against all levels of players including Rank 1 Gladiators in the Nightfall battlegroup. The top guys separated themselves with their ability to move properly in the old system. Then Wrath hit, and the bar was lowered and top 1% of players got lumped in with the top 10% of players. It wasn’t good for the game.


‘Any top player’

Show me where any top player is complaining about this please. Also read what I just said above. Changing something that already gave you a minuscule chance to perform something, once again, will not change the meta. IDC what you have to say after this because if you can’t understand that simple statement then there is no point in reading all the nonsense you have said. I gave you reasons why your statements are false, if you don’t believe them or agree with them then fine! But that’s on you


I think you need to start quoting the part where I also say that is also an extremely small chance for it to happen anyway. Or just keep cherry picking what I say to try and push your agenda, thats fine.


Okay but why do you say they rarely happened? Because they rarely happened for you? If you never competed in PvP then that’s cool, different strokes, but you’re spewing nonsense - and why? Because you want what they changed in WoD to stay? What exactly was so great about WoD? Lmao.


No they actually very rarely happened, what happened most of the time is only one spell went off because everything resolved the way it was supposed to.


Okay but doing this stuff barely took more insight/reaction than shadow word deathing a sheep. What is the basis for saying that it rarely happened. Because good players were rare? If it was so rare then how did every rogue and their brother fill their frag videos with clips of every time they vanished a spell?


batching wasn’t random, it’s time based, that made it easy to push or stall abilities into either side of the batches and was completely reliable as long as your ping was stable