PvP is on the wrong path... not sure if it can recover

I hope the next expansion takes a different route with PvE and PvP follows, though I doubt it will happen.

Casters destroying meters without casting is awful and kicking is more risky than just eating the spell. Too many schools of magic. Melee that have near 100% uptime is awful. Too many specs are fully self contained. Sub rogues setting up their own goes and having more than enough damage to kill a target alone. AOE damage that is spiking 200-300k+ off the opener. Hybrids taking a backseat to non-hybrids in healing. Way too many immunities and partial immunities. CC is less impactful and often far more risk than reward.

Dunno. Just got out of a match with ele and boomi earlier. No one casting anything but the occasional clone. Miss a kick and they just use it to dps more. Can’t get away from warriors. DK with perma slows. DH mini raid boss. BM NEVER going for trap.

What is this garbage?


Well, at least I post on my main. :man_shrugging:


nice deflection

almost 300 topics created and all of them complaints. just let that sink in.


It’s a waste of time to engage with you.


i agree buff feral druid and survival defensives


Yea, feral is hurting atm. Yet to have a good game with one. =/


As a Ret main who occasionally plays a hunter or mage. I agree with the uptime issue. It just isn’t that great of an experience even when you are winning.

If it were up to me I would reduce the hyper mobile melee mobility, increase time in melee range on a spec like ret and make it melee again. More like 50/50% uptime on a mobile caster or even 60/40% would be nice for casters compared to this. You would need to make changes so the game had balance, and reasonable kiting didn’t mean auto loss. I know the forums norms will talk about how it’s caster meta, generally ones playing the most mobile strongest melee specs.

The reality of caster is → Getting your face caved in all game is pretty sh!t.

If it were up to me I’d reduce CC, reduce CD times and make them less impactful. Both offensive and defensive. I’d do something about the classes with subpar defensives as well.

As far as the hybrid healing…

I pointed this out in the pali forum. It’s green bar go up issue. I can use my wall and it prevents at least 180K damage, with healing it can easily prevent 400K damage and often times does. If I had 1 minute CD self heal not effected by damp instead of that wall and it healed for 400K this forum would be nothing but complaints about Ret healing.

Wall = fine. Big heal not ok even if the results in terms of survivability are the same. Mitigation is always better than healing but doesn’t draw the same complaints.

Not all of the changes I would make but would be TLDR if it isn’t already.


Yea. I would much rather uptime being more meaningful than always having uptime. At some point the philosophy changed so that mobility was an ‘always on’ thing and if you wanted to prevent someone from getting to you, it was actively being done by CC. So if a target isn’t in CC (like roots), than the target was on you. This has really divided the specs into specs with ample mobility or ranged attacks and those that… well, don’t.

So now you have lots of melee with lots of ranged abilities or melee with tons of uptime. Not great either way around.

For sure. That said, casters in the hands of good players make the game nightmarish to play against.

I’d rather we have less CC and make what CC we do have more impactful. Specs that have strong CC have less burst and specs with high damage have to play around CC.

It is. Dampening makes RSS play awful for hybrids. So if blizz buffs to compensate, I’m sure that will throw off rated arena. That said, the single target healing on many of the non-hyrid specs really needs to be toned down or buff hybrids to meaningful levels.


All the newer maps have been bad for arena. Massive maps with limited los. Meanwhile they leave sewers and hook point out of the RSS rotation with no explanation yet keep in trash like blades edge. Makes no sense.

They badly need to look at how MS works with dampening. Specs that rely on healing for survival are automatically nerfed if they want to play in RSS.

bg blitz will be a banger for a spell, might see some glimmers of hope then

followed by a giant wave of qq as it gets neglected and left in the dust in favor of other projects and titles which will, in turn, get neglected in favor of a new hype beast

eat mor chikn

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its clear you have plenty of time to waste


this is the result of the “like wrath sustained damage” meta a lot of long time r1 players were asking for around the era of legion when ‘cooldown trading’ became the optimal way to play

the idea is that damage is so high you can punish mistakes and the team most optimally utilizing their control wins

however it just became this insane nuclear pump where hunters literally never go for trap and the only real cc is instant 3 second micros


Just guessing, but I’d assume most of the arena crowd isn’t interested. Could be wrong.

I think most of it has been driven by M+ and wow PvE difficulty being based so much on movement. All the specs on the in between are just being left behind and Blizzard will likely remedy with uninteresting damage buffs.

Like I just did a match and the BM told me to get the traps. I get it. SV is good at that, but the BM also made no attempt to push up, so all the pressure is on me. So I go up for CC, get no support, than get blamed if we lose. Every round the BM did the same thing. Just stay back and do damage and ended up going 4-2. Same with ele. Not sure if something has changed, but I even see ele not even attempting to ground and of course no attempt to hex, even if they took it.

So it’s 6 rounds of shadow, bm, and ele just running around doing nothing but some instant CC and no one really engaging. Eventually the ele gets CDs up and someone slips up and that’s the game.

Couldn’t make the game any more boring than that.

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agree that there’s a sentiment of disinterest but it makes a lot of sense to q up from a twitch streamer stand point, and ppl will want the titles, mounts, etc

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It’s Okay To Lose To Opponent! Must Not Lose To Fear!
Not Matter Who’s Stronger. Matter Who’s Smarter!
Inside You Have Strong Root. No Need Nothing Except What Inside You To Grow.
Man Who Catch Fly With Chopstick, Accomplish Anything.

Lesson Not Just Arena Only. Lesson For Whole Life! Whole Life Have A Balance, Everything Be Better.

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I agree with everything but casters having too many schools of magic. Have you played an affliction or demo lock lately? All their main damage and CC is in the same school of magic.

I don’t mind the numerous schools of magic if and only if those other schools require hard casting.

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I don’t mind it to a degree, but it just one more thing that lessons the value of kicks. So you kick fear? Great, enjoy the chaos bolt. Kick poly? Great, enjoy the ray of frost. Granted, any changes couldn’t be made in a vacuum. The game badly needs a reduction in the overall amount of CC.

Yea, I get that. I’m sure Blizzard sees it from a different perspective.

For more than a decade, Blizzard has wanted arena to be a thing, while also not investing in it to make it a thing. As a side show, it’s a great way to advertise the game. Arena is much more captivating and interesting than anything coming out of PvE. So, they keep in moving along, but are fine with it limping. :frowning:

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It’s strange how much worse this season feels? I had thought a lot of things felt bad last season but now I don’t even want to play. I don’t think anything was improved upon this season, even for gear.


Yea, I think it’s just a combination of a bunch of things that just keep making PvP less and less fun. The healer trinket change is awful. Tons of AOE damage now. Lots of the tier sets really make no sense. I hate the SV one and honestly don’t like the enhance one. Maybe if I enjoyed playing the lavalash build that would be different. Dunno. Just isn’t much to like right now.

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I’m enjoying it a lot.

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