PvP in SOD

I’m certain a great deal of balancing will take place at 60, but curious as to what the community thinks would help to slow the pace of it down slightly.

I would propose 40% more stamina on pvp gear to begin with (no resil…it’s classic). Burst is way to high, I’m watching and engaging in fights that last literally 2-6 seconds.

It’s not great having little counter play, what does the community suggest?


Nerfing warriors.

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in bgs and bm if you have incursion or pvp gear even without enchants the pacing is fine if theres healing. the problem is this hilarious notion that heals dont matter in a high damage meta. guess thats why i typically get 3k+ coins with less than 10 teamwide deaths on most bms.

warriors are another problem entirely though. i do think theyre good but require good pvp fundamentals which none of them seemed to learn in p1 with 3 priests behind them. ive free casted into wars into them intercepting the enemy backline and outranging heals so many times that i just write them off as a death unless i know them.

reduce by 80% dots / healing / damage reduction across priest shamans and locks and u have a balanced game for the rest of the playerbase


Screws over healing. Now it takes that much longer to heal a player to full.

The problem is we have experienced a massive damage creep that started in phase 1 and created a snowball effect to were we are now. Classes that were strong in vanilla got buffs while classes that were weak in vanilla received buffs that would catch them up to the power level of those classes as they were in vanilla which lead to the further buffing of those weaker classes again to catch up to to those classes for real this time.

there’s also the problem of trying to balance the game around level 25, 40 and 50 like they are level cap when we knew that certain classes were more powerful then others at those levels and that it was intended causing things to become lop sided whenever the level cap got raised but its understandable why they would do that and its because we asked them to lol.

however I don’t think it was on anyone’s Classic + wish list to be doing Naxx DPS at level 50 or for PvP to just be one shot central. it really doesn’t feel like classic at all anymore, the damage numbers have to come down even if it means changing some runes to essentially do nothing or being completely changed into something not damage related like utility. We wanted class balance, new content and classes taking up new roles and we got that but we also accidentally asked for 5x the damage(whoops) and now it needs to be undone

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Must be new to PvP around these here parts. From my long personal experience ain’t no balancing taking place other than a possible blanket damage nerf across the board at best.

Maybe just 5x the HP of all players and 10x the HP of enemies - just scale the whole thing up to match

I believe what you meant to say was nerf shamans.

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Why not both?

Probably close to 2. This is garbage.

I distinctly remember some one on the SoD team saying they wanted people to be able enjoy the game at all levels. Then for months they have chosen to not balance this abysmal game. Or they choose to balance it around PvE dps rankings. As an example, put warriors and paladins at the same pve dps ranking, who is going to win that fight in pvp every single time? And that is what we are seeing. A game balanced around dps rankings is not a game. Its a joke. Blizzard has never been able to balance this friggin game and it is beyond intolerable in SoD.

40% isn’t enough, spell damage is grossly too high by easily three times. Melee damage in pvp is suffering badly because we get one ability off and then get globaled. There isn’t any balancing this IMO. They are going to do some more hollow crap, like give us more HP in pvp, which blanket HP increases or damage reductions are a bandaid on a severed limb at this point.

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This is the exact opposite of what I want to see, the number need to go down across the board not up

Reducing damage or increasing HP has the same impact.

I just think people will be sad if they see smaller numbers.

I’ve played for 20 years lol, also it’s been heavily suggested they will be doing a lot of work at 60 to rework the runes and the power within them.

its very unpolished, but what do you expect with a game thats ever changing every 2 months

I wouldn’t expect less, the point of this post is to offer suggestions to help it in the long run. You’ve come and pointed out the obvious lol.

Cataclysm PvP is right around the corner. Cataclysm and MoP were the best PvP in the entirety of World of Warcraft. Treat SoD like it’s being developed… an after thought. Raid log if the PvE keeps you entertained, but for PvP, SoD ain’t it lol.

Who could have guessed that Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on retail spells into classic would have been a bad idea? :thinking:


With the inflated healing spell power we will be getting, healing won’t be a problem.

The Phase 3 pvp gear needed to have way more stamina. At least 5 extra stam on every piece, maybe even up to 10 extra stam on every piece. This would have made it undeniably bis for pvp.

Hopefully they learn from their mistake and add a ton more stamina to the lvl 60 gear.



im sorry, i couldnt help myself