PvP Gearing is MMORPG Progression and it's GOOD

This post is probably going to be buried by all the Jimmies but I remember vividly when they made equalized gearing in PVP and take away gear progression in PVP. Many of you guys complained. Saying things such as

“Gearing is a part of MMO Progression”
“WOW is an MMORPG, not League”

etc etc

Even your boy Asmongold made a video about it which many of you guys supported. But he wasn’t the only one. The vast majority of you back then complained about how PVP gearing was not rewarding enough.

Now they made gearing rewarding, incentivized rated play, and now for the longest time in forever. PVP participation is at its highest. It’s just sad that the MMR bugged at the beginning of the season ruined what would otherwise be a great season.

Now you guys are asking for equalized PVP? What?! The moment they do that, all the Timmies are gonna start crying and we all BACK TO STEP ONE AGAIN. It’s a battle of Jimmies vs Timmies.

Blizzard do one thing, the other disagrees. They revert the changes. Back to step one again. Then the very reason why they did the things they did, the people that advocate for the changes will begin crying again because it was reverted. It’s all circle, round and round we go. All the Jimmies against all the Timmies. You can’t win with these people. Best to ignore them and move on.

I mean I get it, the current season is rough for players getting into PVP mid season. I did it, it was rough. Any changes should make PVP gearing as season progress “EASIER” like a catch up mechanics but that’s about it.

Equalized PVP gear in PVP instances??? NO THANKS


different groups asking for different things.


guess you can’t win without your gear carrying you.


How can you seriously have a competitive ladder where Bronze tier is at a disadvantage in health pool and damage to Silver, Silver is at a disadvantage to Gold, etc…

Why do AWC characters get access to all the same gear, renown levels, conduits etc?


Yeah, they should seed the entries and give higher seeds better gear. :wink:


Correct. If they want to change to gnome to face a balance team, they should have to level up, then gear up on stream. After all, this is an MMORPG.


Any word yet on when the Annual WOW Roleplaying Invitational Tournament is going down? I have this character with an amazing background/origin story I’ve been working on…


I admit, I was one of those people who ranted about lack of gear in Legion. But I was asking for WoD gear system, which was a hybrid between equal gear and gear progression. They swung pendulum way too far the other way.

With Shadowlands, I honestly tried to like the system. It seemed to be a step in right direction. I told myself that maaaybe there would be one or two geared people out of place here and there, but mostly everyone should have fun at their level.

But what actually is happening - most people play far lower than their gear and that ruins legitimate participation. Random BGs are ruined by overgeared peeps. There is a stats article circling around that 1400-1599 rating average item level is 213, which is crazy, since it rewards maximum 207. So it’s out of whack completely.


No we are not… We aer asking for the old gearing system. You got a decent set of honor gear that wasnt tied to renown or pve in any way and thenyou got your 10 wins a week for BIS rated gear. It was simple and it worked.


People don’t mind taking their licks until they get good gear. Been like that forever. But rating gate puts a stop to player progression and forces them to either play at a disadvantage OR go play an alt and start the cycle all over again.

I’ll do a 1000 randoms to get a couple pieces of gear. IDC. But I refuse to do rated in order to get it. I’ve got a sour taste in my mouth.

Edit - MMORPG means play with other people. Not forced to play with certain people.


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big brain stuff to correlate the discontent of gearing to the ‘muh progression’ argument.

I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t want templates, just an alternative pathway to acquire gear on alts without having push rated.

remove the rating gate and increase the conquest through unranked. high ranked gain gear faster with higher weekly caps. done. I’m not sure how complicated this actually is, especially when the ilvl increase with pvp activated it’s almost like it solves itself.



You joke, but a good RP bar night is unironically a better spectator e-sport than modern 3s :upside_down_face:


I have more fun hanging out with folks on my server because it still has an identity and places where people congregate than I do queueing right now is all.
Having aerial net/parachute battles with people who enter Orgrimmar airspace on ED in between rounds of Project Runway: Orgrimmar is just more engaging than a grind I’ve done before lol

if I’m asked to play games right now I might play, but I hardly seek them out. I’m plenty durable with rival gear anyway.


Just wanted to put it out there since it’s been a thought I’ve had on and off for the past few months whenever I see an especially concentrated congregation of people on a thread.

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