Pvp gear is designed horribly

Sorry for the rude title but damn, pvp gear sucks!
The way I see conquest gear is just in between placeholder until you get either tier or crafted.

Add more stat diversity to pvp gear. There is no need to put so much vers. No one is stacking 30%+ vers except a handful of specs or cheese builds for 2s.

Imagine getting a haste mastery Verdant chest piece from the vault. That would be way more exciting than just getting another 400 Vers 200 haste piece that I will replace anyway.

Pvp gear stats need a rework! A Pve Crafting system should not be BIS for us. Either give us more stat options or redesign Vers to make it more viable.

Oh and Crit is completely useless for 95% of specs. Crit needs a rework in pvp. Probably in pve as well.

Uhhh, I was wondering if they’d throw the trophies in the vault. That would’ve solve the sparks issue, but maybe those won’t be needed for pvp pieces in the next expansion.

Crit is good for a lot of stuff in pve, but for pvp they could do what they did with the augmentation evoker talent, prescience, and buff the amount of crit the stat gives in pvp, maybe?

Prescience gave 3% crit, but because crit is weak in pvp they doubled it to 6%, so if they did something similar with the stat in pvp it might be a little bit less unappealing.

ya it does feel bad and encourages just sitting for 2 months until you’re bis’d with your bis stat gear, your conq 2h, your 4 set, your optimal tier pieces. just feels awful.

How about we just nuke gearing so people can play as often as they want, without feeling like they have a weekly set of virtual chores to do?

PvP templates could come back with customizable secondary stats

All PvP rewards would be cosmetic

Fury gets Bladestorm

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It is so you have choice. Even if it’s just the illusion of choice.

They learned something from templates.

This is mostly a rdruid thing though no?

Are other classes dropping more than 1-2 vers items?

The problem is most classes are mastery or haste starved (maybe not for warriors). And conquest gear is like 2:1 vers to X stat. So why stick with 400 vers/200 haste shoulders when you can get 300/300 in crafted.

I think the gearing is fine you have a good starting point then can craft stuff as season progresses to toy with stats

I only PvP, and was only able to do 2/3 for vault on my mon and DK

All 4 pieces of gear gave crit vers :slight_smile:

My fault for slacking and not going 3/3! I woulda definitely had at least one good piece :frowning:

Buff FDK

You can do a single heroic dungeon for a 1/3 dungeon slot. It obviously can’t give pvp gear, but it means you’ll have 3/3 vault progress and can get 6 tokens and exchange them for 1 socket if you don’t get a good pvp piece. :dracthyr_yay_animated:

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Oh yeah for sure. Makes sense to craft everything eventually

I think it’s pretty min/max though. Don’t think you’re gonna lose games because you don’t craft

It seems like some classes are fine with vers heavy stats. But there are a ton of healing and caster classes that change drastically when you stack haste and mastery

I wish I knew this sooner, I’m stuck with only 4 tokens and that does nothing

Verse is a suggestion

I can only think of like 3 specs that like I past the 30% dr

It is kinda weird that we have arena gear and the majority of it is replaced with crafted or tier. Like why not bring back pvp sets and set bonuses and keep pve out of pvp completely?

The crafted gear isn’t PvE- it’s just crafted

You earn what you need to make it the same way you do any other PvP piece. In fact, you literally get 2 for free at the beginning of the season which amounts to like 1600 conquest worth of items

The only difference is it gives more agency when allocating stats which is a good thing

I can agree with giving us PvP tier or getting tier out completely but crafted is more than fine and should be left alone imo

I can agree with that and I know I mentioned crafting but i was more so aimed towards pve tier sets. It would just be nice for that to not be a thing and give us pvp tier sets instead.

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Cheated and robbed tbh
Spending 525 cq for embellishments that can only go on lesser slots is targeted at mail specs

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There’s not a lot of stat diversity in PVP to begin with.

Are you a caster? Stack haste so you can actually get spells off and recharge quicker.

Are you a melee? Chances are pretty good you’ll want haste as well, unless you’re a DK then you want mastery. There might be some other classes I’m missing that want mastery, but I think the majority want haste.

That’s about it. Crit was killed because it was very problematic to get a warrior heroic leaping onto your face, spearing you and then bladestorming you for all of your life in a femtosecond.

You always want 30% versa also, making this stat on gear more of a formality than anything.

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