PvP feels like it's in the worst state it has ever been in

I’m not talking about class balance either.

Why have issues with battlegrounds and epic battlegrounds been given zero attention all expansion?

Why have we seen zero new content?

Why don’t we see bot wave bans? I’ve been seeing the same bots despite reporting and booting them for about 6 months.

Have we been completely abandoned?


See you next expansion. TWW beta.

Only opportunity to have these issues fixed.

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Because the company has spread themselves thin like butter scraped over too much bread with 36 different versions of WoW.


Yep. No dev will go near PvP.
It’s like people have all of a sudden realized that the great watcher and leader of wow only cares about m+
I’ve been saying for years we need new leadership but token sales keep him in charge.


You guys need to give my boy Ion a little more credit than this.

He gave us Solo Shuffle… He brought back the best PvP gearing this game has ever had… He’s giving us Solo RBGs… He’s giving us a new BG map - and stated that the plan is to be more consistent with BG maps in the future.

Ion has come a long way… Is he three expansions late? Yes.

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Yeah, but he never gave directions for the gear vendors… failed IMO.

My only real complaints are about Epic BGs the rest is fine IMO

Sorry owl. The best gearing was shadowlands season 1. Ion single-handedly ruined PvP. Templates? Full blown scaling coming out bfa? Pay to win? This system was simply borrowed from the pinnacle of wow era bc wrath cata and mop. Nothing good has happened since he took over


PvP gear upgrades locked behind rating will never be the best gearing system in any game. Shadowlands PvP gearing was atrocious.

Crafted gear/Bloody token gear/Conquest gear (no rating requirement) is the best, and fastest PvP gearing we’ve ever had. Anyone can be on an even playing field.

The reason rated PvP numbers are down - is Ion finally stopped forcing it on those of us who simply do not care about it. This PvP gearing allows us to play how we want.


Those are all tremendous, but bots and pre-mades have not gotton the reponse the players deserve.


Shadowlands season one was the best because it was as close to real time competition. When you hit for 1000 damage it meant you hit for 1000 damage and gear made it different. I say go ahead and give everyone a bikini top and tree branch when they zone into non rated. Everyone is now ilevel 390. Scale away. Essentially you are saying that we should just fight nakkid in PvP

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The new pvp in wow is Plunderstorm.

It’s the future of wow pvp.

I think pvp numbers are down for rated content (aka arena) because people are trying different toons in preparation for Brawl Blitz battlegrounds. I’ve been trying to find a class I’ll enjoy. I tried enhancement shaman and absolutely despised it, but elemental seems to be okay. And playing elemental means I can also switch to restoration rather easily. I’ve always enjoyed restoration shamans in BGs over my holy priest.

All the known PvP devs have left Blizzard.

We used to have PvP Q&As with Holinka.

Now, Blizzard has their art director talk about a new bg and there’s no/little communication about PvP issues.


One can hope, but generally they barely have any pvp open in Beta to get that feedback to begin with.


This beta will be like MoP where those that pre ordered will be automatically let in which will allow for greater amount of testers this time around.

DF beta was the perfect storm of small invite of beta testers and short testing period which occurred during the summer months for NA and EuroAsia.

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From what I noticed last time I did it, the pvp content was there but there just wasn’t enough testers trying it.

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I lold mountain dew out my nose


I tried to be nice, but yeah - I am baffled by his response.

I can’t think of anyone who actually enjoyed upgrading their gear, what? 16 times between two sets of gear… and a lot of those were locked behind rating.

Shadowlands PvP gearing was, hands down, the worst PvP gearing in the history of MMOs.

Shadownlands PvP gearing was Ion’s attempt to increase participtation in rated PvP… Ion now understands, that the majority don’t give a damn about it - and refuse to play it.


Dude getting gear is about as easy as …. Can’t think of anything easier than getting PvP gear. You had to dodge around or you got hit with a piece of PvP gear. You qued up and win games and upgrade it was so pathetically easy even I could do it. Heaven forbid some effort needs to happen in wow anymore

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