Pve to Pvp xfers

I’m getting annoyed by people like you with no business in this thread, replying to it with zero constructive information either for or against.

You are useless

As opposed to your thread which was basically “Whaaaaaaa. I wasn’t aware of 15 year old rules and now want an exception due to my lack of foresight. Whaaaaaaaaaa”

Seems pretty constructive


I never once in my thread said I wasn’t aware of it.

Again you prove your ineptitude and show you have no place in this thread.

Ok. So “Whaaaaaa. I was aware of the rules but did it anyway, and now I want an exception. Whaaaaa”

Seems even less compelling


I will be reporting your posts that do not contain useful information as “ trolling”

You aren’t that dense are you? This is beyond stupid.

You’re way more likely to get a forum nap over false reports than I am for explaining 15 year old rules to you… so report away.

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You assume I’m dense because I’m bringing attention to a lack of a prompt on a purchase?

Never mind that you apparently missed the entire point of the thread.

Yes…I am assuming you are dense. You knew the rules…but because of some minor technicality that you only observed in hindsight—the rules should change for you…

Dude get outta here with that. That’s something a child would do.


I am stating it to bring awareness of it so it’s fixed.

My entire first post details why this thread was made, if you lack the required skills to read then I suggest going back to school.

Its funny that you claim that was “the entire point of the thread” considering you didn’t mention it AT ALL in your original post or the dozen or so after. You were crying because PVE guilds have a harder time recruiting frm PVP realms, implying that people are in fact aware of the restriction and choose not to xfer to your PVE realm because there is no reversing the xfer.

But yea. keep trying.


Almost like… that was the point of the thread and not the part about how it wasn’t a prompt.

Are you really that dumb?

Do you need assistance in your everyday life? Are you all there in the head?

Are you ok? Are you having a stroke? Should we call someone?


… you have a small brain.

A very smooth, small brain

Something doesn’t add up here.

Which is it?

I think maybe he’s just a bot that’s short circuiting or something. Surely no human could be this dense.


Your quoting is terrible.

You are quoting posts of a different matter entirely than that of the original post.

You made 2 claims in this thread. Then you said that you were only making 1 claim.

Are you also blind?

I made one claim and posted awareness of a fact most people, like yourself were unaware of.

Is it that hard of a concept to grasp?

Dude it’s so hard.