PSA: You can recover your lost BG tokens in the mail!

Worked for me, and worked for my friends, and a few people in this thread. Sorry that it doesn’t seem to be the case for you =/

this worked, thanks

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Already did the recovery thing a day or so ago and received no marks. Now the cooldown is in effect despite there being a fix. Opened a ticket and need a mailbox recovery reset or the marks returned.

This is the best comment on this forum.

Same Issue. I earn 32 AB Marks and 23 WSG Marks within a 24 hour periord before the severs where supposed to be up. Tried recovering them the next morning after the severs got up and only got empty mail back. First GM told me it was designed that way. After reading this Post. I created another GM and was told They can’t reset the 14 day timer and they can’t give me marks. So because I used there system to fix it before it was fixed I’m SOL… who can fix this because so far you have proven you know you broke it but won’t give your GM’s the tools to fix it?

I’ve edited some words into my previous reply in this thread. Specifically:

If you’re expecting Marks that you earned after the pre-patch went live, and don’t have them, you can hopefully check for them and restore them.

Go here, select ‘In-game Issues’ and then ‘Items and Mail’ to get started.

It’s intended that tokens that were in the mail during pre-patch maintenance on May 18 were purged.

And as others have noted above, Game Masters are not able to restore any Marks.

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Beyond irritated and confused at this point. Please get on the same level as your CS team.


Wow kaivax that has nothing to do with what OP was talking about… THANKS

Also if they were purged, why were some people able to retrieve them and not others?

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Umm… With all due respect, I’m confused by this statement… This topic is what my post is specifically referencing. I was able to (along with a friend) restore tokens that had expired during the maintenance that I had farmed the day before in preparation of prepatch raising the cap on tokens. It seems like some people tried to do it too early, and got empty mail, while others like myself waited (unintentionally) and had them refunded.

Agreed - I’m glad you and others were able to get yours back. But come on, Blizzard… Not allowing us to get ours back just because we tried this method prior to this being allowed is super lame.

Edit: And it feels dishonest.


Jesus, what a horrible post. Why would anyone be talking about anything other than the marks farmed during pre patch?

Seriously who the hell had over 100 marks in their mailbox after prepatch and had their marks sent there.

This is complete back peddling because the “fix” is not working for everyone and some people are being left out completely from attempting this because they did it the first day.



Bro, respectfully, give us an f’n break.

Your devs screwed this up, and cost a lot of us marks.

I played with guy last night and he recovered marks FROM APRIL.

He’s now sitting on full stacks.

You can’t give us Marks from the 17?

Just send me 20 AB marks, and we call it fair.

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This whole thing doesn’t make much sense to me at all. And honestly, I’m saddened that it’s even happening.

It was only intended that marks earned after the prepatch went live could be restored? After the prepatch went live, marks stacked to 100 instead of 20. So unless someone earned 80+ marks from the same BG on Wednesday (before the “fix”) then mail wouldn’t have been sent to him or her anyway.

I restored my marks after the OPs post so I got mine, but a lot of people who were proactive and tried to restore before then didn’t get them. Why not? It’s not fair to them.

I am of course assuming this is just some kind of communication problem between the teams. Because I have no idea why marks would be intentionally deleted in the first place. I don’t remember Blizzard doing that for the vanilla prepatch, did they? Guilds prefarmed the mats to open the AQ gates. And there was no problem with that.

I think the only reason why most people prefarmed marks the day before patch was because of the short two-week window before TBC. I don’t know why Blizzard would want to go out of their way to delete marks that their players earned, and upset them even further.

If the marks were deleted because they fell under the category of quest items, then I also ask why Blizzard felt it was necessary to delete quest items in the first place.

I really hope that Blizzard does the right thing here and resets the mail restore cooldown for everyone, or manually restores the marks for people that didn’t get them; or do whatever they need to do to fix this.


Just to confirm, I was able to get my BG marks restored that I had farmed up the day before pre patch that were lost because of the extended maintenance.

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I’m SOL on 40 AB marks because of this. This is what we get for understanding how to use the ticketing and mail restore system before they actually have it working correctly.

Blizzards recent incompetency level shows that unless things are Chernobyl level of failure like the honor nerf they won’t do anything. Especially because this requires more work then just doing a across the board change.

I can’t wait to see how we get screwed over next.

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Exactly, stop lying to us Kaivax.

Tons of people just like you were able to, this is complete nonsense. Put in some effort blizzard give us some resolution on this issue rather than whatever you call this low effort post from Kaivax. We don’t need fluff we need fixs.

Agreed Game masters can’t do this. So who can? You guys broke it. We pay for the service that you provide so make it right. Now point me to someone who can make it right? I only want what
was allowed normally and I earned according to the rules of the game.

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Private servers are looking really appealing at the moment.

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What is actually going on…
So many people have said they’ve been able to restore their marks, others say they couldnt, half the gm’s say yes and some say no…

I used mail restore the day of the prepatch in hopes of getting my marks back, it did not work. I opened a ticket after seeing how everyone is getting their marks back as it seemed I used the service too soon, the gm responded with “Your marks are now recoverable from the mail”, sure, i went to the mailbox and there was certainly the mail restored, but once again no marks.

I have now opened ticket #2

Regardless, the issue here is that it’s working for half of us and not working for the other half. The support team are also completely split in two on the subject matter.

Idk how Kaivax can say it doesn’t work when people are clearly saying it did, on the exact same post. I have multiple guildies who have recovered marks that were deleted dating weeks back!