PSA: Players new to vanilla - Murlocs WILL kill you!


oh the hogger… THE HOGGER!


You learn early on to travel by road to stay safe. UNTIL running up the road in Redridge and those 2 or 3 orcs hiding behind the tree next to the road roflstomp you. On my first pally I remember having to rez so many corpses right there by the trees.


Listen to this humanitarian. He has your best interests at heart, people!


For you players that came in with Cata and later, and have read through this thread - WE ARE NOT KIDDING!! Learn from our mistakes and have fun with a great game.


Just ask Senjin.


Save your CC for when they start to run :wink:


Murlocs are not funny they are not cute. Forget the cute widdle murlocs in wrath, remember the baby ones? D’awwwww.

No, they grow up to be monsters. Exterminate.


Murlocs are easy. I used to grind them just because there’s so many.


I will never forget the quest titled “WANTED: Murkdeep!” in Darkshore.



Those Murlocs, at the lake… That have like a 2 sec respawn and aggro with a mob of like 5-6 at a time…

Died so many times to them…


OH!!! I forgot about those hidden Orcs… They got me more than a few times.


Really, you should let new folks experience Murloc Death naturally … on their own. We don’t need to warn them of every wonderful thing about Classic, do we?


This is not an understatement - If anything, we’re under playing how horrible these little pests really are!


Murlocks hit like a champ and lots of aggro.


Let me tell you about Silithid Eggs and the grubs and scorpids that guard them… BEWARE!!!

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OMG! Everyone keep it down…shhhhh. Don’t let them hear you…my god!

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Those murloc camps in elwynn forest when your trying to find the guards corpses…

You can never aggro just one!


15 years of hearing “murglgrgllgrl” and I haven’t played for 8 of them.

War(craft) is hell.



Aaaaaand Tyr’s Hand on a bad pull or you forgot about the patrol aaaaand you’re OOM.


Stick to the walking paths and avoid embankments!

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This man speaks the truth. There’s a reason murlocs are so popular in World of Warcraft!!