PSA: Non-Cloak alts, don't turn in Emissary/Assault Cache

Just over the weekend this guy managed to get two quest rewards from WQs to be corrupted…each clocking in at 66 corruption. Felt bad man.

I have 15 alts without the cloak. I have written about this previously. I have vended out hundreds of pieces of mostly worthless corrupted gear. I have saved for crits and giggles interesting corruptions and high ranked ones. All of my characters have 8-10 pieces of such gear hanging around. This character has 300+ void ritual corruption in her bag.

It does make sense if you’re a dev who’s trying to convince players who have decided to go without the cloak that they need it to access the essences earned on a different character.

They make changes to the game all the time to influence which and how much content people play. If they do it right, it shouldn’t be noticeable.

But as I said above, people who have the cloak have a much lower drop rate for corrupted gear from world sources than those without.

That’s because people with the cloak are likely to be willing to grind more higher content to get the corruptions they need, while people without the cloak will be more likely to get the cloak so they can use that +75 infinite stars 410 ring. Or maybe just because they aren’t getting geared up because so much gear they get is useless and they’ll try to gear up in the new zones instead.


There corrected that

hmm… heres an idea stop being lazy and just do the questline its not long

Well then. They know we’re discussing this because they know what people are talking about in the forum. Let them announce it’s a bug and give us a timetable to fix it.

I just assume when changes to the game are made that result in nerfs accompanied by vague and misleading announcements that it’s intentional. This is the reputation they have earned.

I kinda understand that they want to accomodate the super hyper competitive people who have to have every BIS item, but do Blizzard really need to screw over those of us trying to play the content. I have 47 alts and only 32 cloaks. I was collecting Echos to get R3 essences. Now I have lost many weeks of progress on those with 400 ish Echos and the remaining 15 have to get the cloak now to get Echos.
8.3 has been an Horrific grind for alts and it just got worse. GJ devs.


dont you think in those weeks of not having the cloak… if you just had the cloak to begin with you would have tons more echos from doing the visions?

You deserve a feat of strength.

They are discussing a number of bugs there concerning echoes.

This. Blizzard does this type of thing all the time. It’s all about this:

except it’s not their “newest motto,” they’ve been doing this for years.


Are you interested in doing visions on 20 plus characters a week because I am sure not.

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Thanks for the PSA, I still will turn in the caches… I don’t plan on mucking about on a lot of my alts to that extent. Rather save myself the time then doing the quest chain again and again and again.

Well according to the patch notes it is intentional.

So here context is important. The ‘they’ in this line is directly referring to the ‘any character’ that has the cloak, that’s the context. There’s no other meaning to the word ‘they’ that would make sense. To say that all characters would be earning echoes they would have to change what the sentence was already referring to. ‘Once any character receives the cloak, all characters linked to that account will receive the echoes’ etc etc

While a little unclear the sentence wasn’t misleading in any way.

And yeah, it sucks for alt-holics :frowning:

People were reading it just fine. They understood what was being said just fine. They were saying characters need the cloak to get essences, however, that IS a bizarre change with no logical purpose.

I don’t understand why you think people can’t read.

The issue isn’t that, its the fact beforehand we were able to collect them and within an hour that all changed to no longer be the case.


How lame. Rank 3 essences will help with the cloak quest line for those motivated to get cloaks on more toons. I was starting to think that maybe my monk was finally geared enough for the 8.3 intro quests to not be annoying with lvl 80+ neck, 3 rank 3 essences, and ilvl 430.

Echoes should drop as soon as essence slots are unlocked to allow alts to start earning currency for rank 3 essences.

Ive done it on a mage and this dude all around 400 ilvl you can probably get away with 380 or so

so rude of dem! Garbag

It’s not so much that they’ve made it annoying. They’ve made it impossible now for characters without cloaks to purchase essences from mother.

I did it in heirlooms, and whatever I picked up opening up nazjatar, on a fury

Doesnt mean I want to bother running the thing for the 10th time simply to be able to help upgrade a few more alts with essences.