PSA: Noble Flying Carpet drop chance increased

Thought I’d let ya’ll know in case you don’t see it buried in the other thread.

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Seriously, how much? Because I’ve gotten this basket over 30 times and nothing.

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It definitely made a difference for me. I got the carpet on the very first kill of the day today now that the changes are live. Prior to that all I was getting was eggs and rarely a mog.

I haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure it’s still pretty low.

It should be 100%; it’s just a recolor of the tailoring carpet that non-tailors can use.

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Reminder that an increased drop chance doesn’t mean guaranteed - An item could be 10% and you could attempt it 100 times and still not see it (though extremely unlikely, it is possible). I’m sure it’s increased, but not sure by how much.

Would love to see a pity system added into the game though for people who run things excessively. :dracthyr_nod: