PSA: Don't purchase the new celestial transmog

The Shadowlands set works because it is not technically a paid mog. It’s 100% accessible in-game so long as you have someone nearby willing to let you use their serpent mount.


Never mind, it is gone again … :frowning:

This is a good observation! They should make all sets ‘ensemble’ items then, that you must redeem from an NPC

Honestly, I’ve never had this problem with my fey costume. -knocks on a resto-drood-


I always forget you can buy this stuff with gold

Sadly it’s a total waste until Blizzard decides that it’s unacceptable to let multi-year bugs that remove paid items fester.

They said they can’t duplicate the problem.

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Your shop transmog purchase is timegated lol.

It’s locked behind RNG as well.

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Shhh. Fenny. Let people enjoy things. :heart: (With love)

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Latest blue post. I’m not saying it’s good news though.

I’m exhausted from reporting the same bug in-game over and over tbh.

Yes, this happens to me with the yeti costume. Some days it’s in my collection, some days it isn’t. Very annoying.

So a company is selling something that is knowingly broken? I smell lawsuit! Why has the woke state of Cali not going after this also? I purchased the helms a LONG time ago, and they were gone by the next expansion, NOW i know why!

Pisses me off tbh!


That sums it up quite nicely.

The original store helms get affected as well. I think it’s an authentication issue that occurs with the store-bought transmog appearances. I think the game check if the player is supposed to have access to the appearances every time players log in, but it sometimes fails for whatever reason. That’s my best guess, anyway.

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I try. It’s just hard when you see that people enjoying things comes at the expense of other enjoyable things…. it’s hard to not say something. It’s just so frustrating. :frowning:

It’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense. What doesn’t make sense is why Blizz would rather yank mogs if verification fails than just leave them in place until verification is successful.

I understand. :heart: The whole game is frustrating atm tbh

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I’m not sure it’s when we login, because I was just playing now and decided to check whether the appearance came back and it did, and I didn’t logout or anything. It just showed up again while I was still logged in my hunter.

Just don’t support greedy behavior in general in a game that has a monthly sub + expansion cost.

I’m very fortunate to not ever have experienced the disappearing shop items bug.