Prune augmentation from the game

Spec is an abomination and has ruined the game.

You can’t push high keys without an aug evoker in your comps because they offer too much extra cooldowns while contributing the most damage in game.

High rated ladder 3s is plagued with trash players playing dk aug or ww aug 600 MMR higher than where they belong since they do unhealable damage and are unkillable.

Cringe spec please delete this. Adding it was a huge mistake.


So it should be deleted because you dont like how it adds to the group dynamic and you havent figured out how to work with/without?

Aug wasnt put in at the beginning of the season, so people where reaching high Keys before that.
And in PVP I have to assume there was another Meta Before Aug came into play… should we have gotten rid of that too?

Sorry even though I am sure you are frustrated I dont see how this post is beneficial at all because the new spec is something you dont like?


Wasn’t as toxic or brainless as aug evoker ww or aug evoker dk teams.

Not even close.

People were proccing +29s with no aug evokers?

Those are some pretty cute mental gymnastics.

Let me state that I am no longer a bleeding edge player anymore… I just play for fun.
Everything you said has been said before about another class or spec that has been added to the game.

And it never resulted in its deletion.
Back in classic Rogues ran the show, until overpower and Mortal Strike humbled them. BC came the pally and shaman changes, Wrath DK’s ruled until the buffed Shaman totems to clear there diseases off and humbled them, Cata rogues and casters dominated with Legendaries, and the list goes on and on.
There is a season for every one, I can promise Aug isnt going to be on top forever… you just have to learn how to play against it.

As for PVE yeah if I could remember there where people doing 27+ and I think the cap was 30+ ( I could be wrong) before Aug… now they doing much higher because of Aug. Dont really see the issue, if you want to keep pushing why not use an Aug?
Could it be done without an Aug… probably but its going to be EXTREMELY difficult, but you already hate Aug’s so just find like minded individuals that will push without it.

Point I an trying to make is that you can be upset about a class or spec, but be constructive… right now it just sounds like your complaining for complaining sake.


I do too. Its not fun fighting aug evokers in arenas.

Other broken specs like shadowlands sub rogue took some level of brainpower to play at a very high level. Currently you have aug evokers that have never once been gladiator defeating RANK ONE players near the top of the pvp leadder.

Why would that be?
Its because they are immortal and make their teammates immortal. Ret paladins also did this last patch which made them just as toxic.

Whats the difference between a demon hunter being OP and an aug being OP? Dhs dont make their teammates unkillable raid bosses like current aug or 10.0.7 ret.

So you can’t reach the top unless you have an aug on your team? Seems like some pretty reasonable ground for heavy handed nerfing.

I don’t play mythic +. Everyone taht does play it acknowledges that the gamemode COMPLETLELY revolves around augmentation evoker.

The fact you don’t have the integrity to admit your spec is broken says a lot about your character. When hpal was an abombination I had the integrity to admit it was OP and needed nerfing and still could use some slight changes. Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge reality?

Theres a difference between a spec being really strong and a spec being so broken that the game revolves around it. If you wont acknowledge that then you suffer from whats commonly known as BCBS (Broken class bias syndrome).


Dude I hate to burst your bubble, but you are in fact painfully mistaken. Jimmy beat you at rock paper scissors in the playground 1 time and now you’re whining to mommy blizzard to euthanize him. My man who responded to you did so with courtesy and class and you decided you needed to publicly soil yourself to try and convince onlookers you’re right.

You know what other class has the game revolving around it? Healers. Should healers be deleted too because everyone who’s pushing a high key has a healer in it? I mean it looks like you can’t reach the top unless you have a healer on your team? Seems like some pretty reasonable ground for heavy handed nerfing.

They’re experimenting with a new kind of class, whether they choose to go harder or softer from here is a matter of design, not juvenile hostility. Do they fill the game with more support classes, and change some DPS slots to be dedicated support spec slots? Do they scale Aug’s numbers back? Do they stand their ground on where everything’s at?

Either way, I can assure you, OP, that you are the least knowledgeable person involved, and in all likelyhood the exact opposite of whatever your clouded mind thinks is probably the best option.

Everything you say is riddled with fallacious nonsense and I would have to write an entire dissertation to educate you on your own foibles of self-indulgent aggrandizement point-for-point, and posting something so incredibly whiny and pathetic tells me you lack the self-awareness to internalize anything I say anyways.

Fun fact my dude, Buffing classes have existed in MMOs since before World of Warcraft existed. The state of Augmentation’s numbers has nothing to do with it’s Identity as a Buffing Class. By calling for it’s removal you have announced you have the temperament and judgement of a child, and by the way you have conducted yourself in this discussion you have thoroughly confirmed that as fact. A conversation with you promises to be about as engaging and enlightening as plunging my head into the black lagoon, but I want to let this evoker know not every person is as hateful and septic as you are.

Better yourself; and good day, Sir.


Piggy backing off of what Mr Druid was saying. Blizzard is testing this idea, I dont know how long you been playing but the status quo has always changed in this game. At one point in Time Alliance didnt have Bloodlust and the Horde didnt have Fear Ward. DK’s Had Tri Tanking Specs ( I really miss that) and were labeled a Hero Class. Monks had a Ring of Peace that was so OP ( Oh man did I REALLY miss that).

Did all that pan out and stick in the game? Nope… but they tried it anyway. Again I am not belittling how you feel… last season Pallies dominated everything and it was a bit frustrating to do anything… but you know as well as I do… every class has there day in the sun, what I suggest is just giving some ideas on HOW they can balance Aug at this time.
Sorry for the late response, at work =p

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Holy is arguably as strong for the meta as Aug, should we just delete both of them?


Haven’t we also had several PvP seasons recently where Ret Paladins had strong 1-shot combos? Just strange to hear a Paladin of all things complaining that another spec is too powerful and should be deleted entirely.


Tbf it’s rare to meet a paladin main that has more intelligence than a raisin.

Get over it.


Doing irrelevant mental gymnastics to defend a broken spec is the most common symptom of BCBS

I play arenas as my man form of engage content so let me clarify :

Nobody cares that aug buffs other classes damage.

People care that Augmentation makes their teammates immortal raid bosses and promotes degenerate toxic gameplay where the enemy healer can eat 5 full fears 6 full reps 4 full clones 5 stuns 5 silences and still their team will not die until the are oom in deep dampening.

You haven’t done any arenas so you have no clue what I’m talking about but the consensus in the community is that augmentation evoker is promoting toxic gameplay. The consensus in the mythic + community is that this is the most scripted fotm mythic plus metatarsal has ever existed and it’s because the game revolves around aug evokers.

Trying to type eloquently to make yourself sound smart when in reality you are clueless and biased is really pathetic.

Not reading anything and trying to class shame without using any co text clues is another symptom of BCBS.

The state of ret paladins last season was hard evidence of blizzards cluelessness, incompetence, and idiocy. If any hero in league or dota was as disgustingly broken as 10.0.7 ret paladin to the point of the game revolving around it then it gets mega hotfixed the same day.

Again, this isn’t an issue of a spec being really strong or “having its day in he sub”

It’s a spec so broken it’s making the entire game revolve around it.

We have a lot of support specs in the game already.

Disc, holy priest, holy pal,mistweaver, resto shaman, preservation evoker, and resto druids.

Blizzard should focus on making these specs as fun to play as possible instead of introducing a toxic game ruining spec like augmentation lmao.

Apparently any argument that disputes OPs claim is irrelevant mental gymnastics, idiocy, or proof that we haven’t read his post.

Alternatively, and maybe this is a hot take; Aug is fine. Numbers will get tuned and the meta will shift, as it always does. If anything, it’s probably healthy that the new spec is overturned so that there is high representation for data-gathering purposes for future adjustments.

It is silly that you’re here to cry and moan about another spec whilst also playing a class that regularly dominates metas. But I’m sure that’s just further proof to you that I haven’t read your post or something.


You haven’t made any arguementd that dispute my claim. Only justifications.


It’s really silly that you are trying to deflect to the class of the character making the post to derail the argument.

Pretty deranged behavior Ngl

Augmentation one trick telling everyone aug is fine guys! definitely not biased at all!

And yet when 10.1.5 dropped I immediately said hpal was broken and needed immediate nerfing because I don’t suffer from BCBS(broken class bias syndrome) like the augmentation one trick above me.

Apparently I am a 1-trick Aug now too, which is news to me.

So this dude in summary: Waaaah Aug should be deleted and if you disagree you’re wrong.

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Apparently I’m a ret pally which is news to me.

My summary: Nerf aug because the entire game revolves around it.

Deranged BCBS aug abuser: wahhh how could you complain about aug when you play ret?! aug is fine don’t nerf me bro!

Guess I am deranged now too. You’re funny. Excited to see where this thread goes and if you come up with any new excuses.

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So you want to prune a spec out of the game because it’s too strong in a game mode that they literally abandoned caring about actually balancing over a decade ago?

It would literally be more relevant to things that Blizzard actually cares about to complain about a battle pet that’s too strong or something.

Go off though, this temper tantrum is better than the usual ones we get on this forum.

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i guess aug evoker being a requirement for every single raid comp and competitive m+ group and every m+ player complaining how toxic that is just happens to be a fragment of my imagination

I’d be shocked if you have a fragment of any of your cognitive abilities from the nonsense you’ve posted so far.

It’s a mid-tier patch and they wanted to drive adoption of a new spec, it needs further adjustment in PvE for sure but it’ll get it.

Deleting the spec is not the answer lol, your flair for the Internet dramatic is incredible.