Prot pally LF guild (Heroic, *maybe* Mythic)

Hello, long time/fossil aged player here. After dropping out of Shadowlands early on and sticking with Classic/TBC/Wrath for a while, I figured I’d give retail a shot with some friends. And I’m loving it, we even made our old TBC guild name again! But they’re very much casual, most of them are older (50+ I think) and lack the reaction time and awareness needed for harder content. So that’s where this comes in.

After learning my beloved Holy healing is more of a wet noodle, since I’ve been an hpally main since OG Wrath, I’ve given tanking a shot, and it’s really fun. So that’s what I want to do. I’m not quite a SUPER hardcore player, but I’m willing to put in the time, effort, and research into whatever it is I need to do.

As stated, been an hpally main since OG Wrath (started actually playing in 2006), but my raiding experience didn’t really pick up till WoD/Legion. I dipped into early MoP stuff, but never found a grounding, and didn’t really take off till Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry. When Hellfire Citadel came out, that’s when it really kicked into gear, full clearing Heroic and I THINK we downed some of the Mythic fights after the Legion prepatch.
In Legion, I got Cutting Edge Xavius the weekend before the next patch, and downed Heroic Gul’dan before being benched from Mythic Nighthold. Took a break, came back for some Antorus, finished it on Normal.
For BFA, I gave the first raid a shot, but wasn’t feeling it and kind of puttered around and leveled alts till SL, and after continuing to not feel it, I took a break.

Classic brought me back in, and by the time of BT/Sunwell, I had settled back into an hpally role. The guild I found never got past Council in BT (Mother just didn’t give us the good RNG), and after some drama, some of us split off to do 10m stuff in the upcoming Wrath Classic. They sadly all stopped shortly before Ulduar came out, but I continued.
Done all the raid content in it and really shined, I feel. 0 Light Yogg 10m, 1 Light Yogg 25m, El Kab*ng (Algalon) on 10 and 25 (even got Val’anyr), H Anub 10/25, and while never downing H LK, I’ve done most of ICC on Heroic on both 10 and 25. But after a while and dealing with players who just did not know what the hell they were doing, I took a break. This is when I took a break, and said guild friends had gotten into Retail and pulled me in.

I’ve tanked and DPSed all of Amidrassil on Normal and got a few H kills on my warrior through pugging. But if I want to do more tank stuff, I prefer my paladin.

About Me
Just a little something here, I’m a weeb through and through. Not quite over the hill, but getting there, my coordination and reaction time haven’t hit skeleton levels. And as you can tell, I have loved and played WoW for most of my adult life.
I’m not much of a talker until I’ve gotten used to the crowd. I’ll typically keep to my thoughts until then or unless someone specifically starts chatting to me specifically. So pay no mind if I’m silent a lot of the time.

I can do Tue/Wed/Thur nights, after 7:30PM and can go till no later than 11PM server/EST (Dalaran is still on EST, right?). And since I work from home, I can literally clock out at 7:30 and be ready to go at 7:31 lol.

If this somehow gets someones attention, feel free to contact me in game (Dimumouto), on Bnet (Dimunsis#1605), or on Discord (dimunsis). Willing to answer questions and/or provide more info if needed!

Can you flex dps?

Haven’t really focused on my DPS set/spec, but outside of replacing some pieces, all I’d need is a 2h weapon (easily craftable). But swapping back and forth wouldn’t be an issue.

Hopped in the Discord in your linked thread and followed the instructions.