Professions & Crafting Orders Suggestions

I know another thread about the success of the new Crafting System is currently up and running here (Are the devs sure that the crafting order system is a success?) and I will add my thoughts there as well, but I wanted to make a suggestion.

Could we have the ability to see, in one place, all the crafting orders that are currently open? It’s a bit of a pain to check 5 different characters all at their crafting stations to see if any are available. I’d rather be able to go to the Crafting Orders area in Valdrakken (where you place the orders) and be able to check on one character what’s available to craft instead of dragging a character that may be parked at the Obsidian Citadel back to Valdrakken just for nothing to be there for their professions.

Just a suggestion, hopefully one we can see implemented.


Further to this, some professions, like Alchemy and Enchanting do not get to interact with the crafting order system nearly as much as others like Blacksmithing & Leatherworking (for example).

Hopefully in the future there will be more recipes added for these professions that can be used in the Crafting Orders system.

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Another concern I, and others I know of, have is not being able to specify minimum quality on public orders. I think I understand the reasoning as to why this is done (need to know who can do the max quality stuff and do personal orders) But it’s hard to find these people some times unless they’re in your guild.

I think adding the ability to specify minimum quality would allow people to find those in the market who can make the best items then do personal orders from there.

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One more thing - please consider making renown-gated recipes Account-Bound. I’m one of the people who is working on every profession in the game. I really don’t want to have to grind renown on 5 characters just to get all the recipes. Please allow me to grind once on my main, get to X renown level for the recipes and send the recipe to an alt.

Edit: Or maybe allow alts to buy items from quartermasters based on the highest earned renown on your account.


Can we get some helpful text about things being BOP but tradable with crafting orders? Keep seeing people want to give stuff away or be helpful then “oops its BOP” yet they can crafting order it. Explaing it over and over seems silly when its a feature people seem to forget about.

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Seems like rare recipes from storms are also soulbound. I have yet to have one drop for me, so I’m not sure if you can only have recipes drop from professions you have on your character, but it would be much more alt friendly to have all profession recipes drop and be account bound.


Two more things as time went on:

  1. Why can we not set a Minimum Quality for a Public Order? If someone is unable to complete it, they can simply decline it. I had a private order that had to be declined because they had no idea if they could complete it, surely the same could occur with a public order, no? (And just have it so that person can’t accept another public order for the same item and same person they failed to make for like 24 hours to prevent griefing.)

  2. Why can we not put Recrafting Orders as Public? It’s an absolute pain trying to find a crafter to recraft if you’re playing in the middle of the night on your server. This also goes into the above: If you allow recrafting orders for public, please allow us to specify quality.

These were concerns many of us had before Dragonflight Alpha even began and I distinctly remember a blue post in these forums reassuring us you guys were already thinking about it and had plans, so I’m a bit confused?