Processing.... For 19 days Faction Change

I am not sure if this is some kind of known bug, or maybe I should talk to billing? I got back into playing wow at the beginning of June. I purchased a faction change (or so I thought. The Menu lagged and I ordered two). So I went ahead with my faction change (from ally to horde), and put in a refund for the extra faction change. I played on the Shaman for a day or two, and then became busy with life things. I received confirmation of the refund. Today I got around to some WoW time, and I am now stuck with the utility gear next to my char sayin “Processing… This may take several minutes”. I noticed that my character is horde (which I changed to), but I also notice the faction change option is still available to me. I cannot log into that shaman, but I can make or log into other characters. Is my character bugged from the refund? I am guessing maybe it “refunded” the faction token I used, and not the other one. But since I already changed maybe it flagged my character? I am not sure. I purchased the faction change and last played June 6th. Now I have this.

I would definitely go ahead and put in a ticket here Glavan: