Problem: new 60's can't find attunement groups

Well guess fresh 60’s who got here late (either taking their time, playing bfa, or leveling alts (which I did)) can’t ever raid since literally no one does attunements anymore or helps out.

With no new raiders allowed in this game will eventually die as more and more people quit playing. And the people who still play who might want do raid onyxia won’t be able to enter.

back to bfa, eso and gw2. Good thing FF7 remake launches tomorrow.


join a guild and ask for help with attunements.


start your own groups for attunements.


This is the way.


Classic attunements lacked in any sort of playback value other then UBRS.

Just wait until ZG comes out. You’ve done missed out.

Either pay someone, or get lucky and find those unicorn players that help out guildies with nothing expected in return.


Why aren’t all the fresh 60s already on each other’s friend lists because they’ve been leveling at the same pace and grouping with each other along the way?

When I hop into LFG, I see groups doing all sorts of 55+ content, including key and other attunement runs. (I’m not quite there myself. A 55 shadow priest is my highest, so just barely on the cusp, with a 51 lock and 49 warrior close behind.)

I also see occasional guild recruitments, some of whom are only just building their raid team. That often means they have people who need those attunements, and within the guild they tend to help each other.


What do you mean “back?” You never left.


Hello there slippery slope.

Just because you don’t see groups in LFG advertising those groups 20 times per minute like they did back in October/November, it doesn’t mean that you can’t form your own and have people join.
I still see BRD groups often. While you’re there, just ask if you can clear a couple extra packs of mobs to get your MC attunement. Your party won’t say no.
BWL attunement? Just find a UBRS group. Those are still very VERY common.
Ony attunent? Join a guild and ask for help. This one might take you a few days or even a week to organize guild members. Just because you don’t have any results after posting “LFG Test of Skulls” for an hour on a thursday night, it doesn’t mean that other players aren’t leveling alts, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take more time to organize a group for those, it doesn’t mean that classic will die because of attunements lol (it will die because it’s a video game and all video games die when players get bored and move on), nor does it mean that you need to panic and post about it on the forums.

Honestly, it doesn’t sound like you are really even playing Classic.


You need to join better guilds.


Those guilds don’t exist. As altruistic as people try to seem, they don’t usually want to spend an hour or two doing something with no benefit.

I see it all the time. People ask for help in guild chat but people are either busy getting ready for raids or farming. If it doesn’t apply to those two cases, they wont’ help.


I helped a new hunter do his class quest the other day, we run guildies alts through content they need all the time, plenty of good guilds exist, they have alot less churn so you might need to look somewhere besides /2 and /lfg to find a good guild.


Let me sum up the responses:

  • Find a guild!
  • Start your own group.
  • Roll a tank/healer.
  • Pay for runs.
  • Make more friends.
  • Git gud!

Did I miss any?

On a serious note, yeah it’s a tough problem. So many people have done the attunements a million times and they don’t want to run them again. Really the best solution is to get in a guild that does these kinds of runs all the time but so many good guilds are just raid logging right now.

I think that complex attunements were fine when there were tons of new level 60’s but at this point the quests should be optional and done for fun. At this point there probably should be shortcuts to allow people to get into raids more easily.

Cue the people screaming “But muh Vanilla!”


Must be a lot of crappy guilds full of toxic, selfish people out there then. I FINALLY hit 60 on my Druid & Priest recently back-to-back, and the two respective guilds they are in brought up getting me attuned before I even thought about doing it. My Druid was attuned & in her first MC raid within hours of each-other. To be honest, I hadn’t even planned on doing any 40 man raiding in Classic, since it just isn’t any fun really (IMO), but decided to give it a go again in Classic because the guild is so friendly. It’s also nice being the only Druid in guild crazy/stupid enough to be Resto in Classic (at least for raiding purposes) - 4 Cenarion tier pieces already after my first raid, lol.


Most troll thread I have seen in awhile. Did this guy really spend 15 minutes looking for a group at 5am then decide to come whine on the forums? I see people spam all the time getting that stuff done. You are not the only new person hitting 60. You either tried on off hours or during prime time raiding hours when most guilds were busy or your server is just that low pop you have trouble finding groups for anything.


lvl 20 non-Classic character
severe exaggerations
subjective opinions declared as facts, personal experiences declared universal
“sky is falling, game is dead” alarmism

Yep… it’s troll time


on my server people making onyxia attune groups all day long.

That’s what you get for playing dead realms because you afraid of queues

 I helped a fresh lvl 60 today do the 23 minute long Jailbreak scenario, which is the longest attunement of them all. He did pay me 20g to help him with his services, but he got it done.
  • Holy Paladin Roodawgy :slight_smile:

That happens to not be the case.


i play on Pagle and I see groups for it.

my mage actually helped a group of 4 identical night-elves (good luck remembering who you gave water and who you didn’t give water to yet) just because I wanted to go to BRD and skin some hyenas…

I can see onyxia being something you might have a hard time finding a group for, but BWL and MC are seriously “do one regular UBRS or Emp run”.

outside of onyxia it really shouldn’t be that hard to pug.


Level 20 retail characters are not eligible for Classic raid attunement quests.