Probably a useless prot warrior post

I really like lfg it allows me to dungeon quickly and often.

That being said mankrick server groups for dungeons and guild recruitment existed before I took a long break. I came back to a MUST HAVE XXXX GEAR SCORE minimum to join a advertised group and GDKP rules the world. And I get that but I see the toxicity that I ran from in retail creeping in. There is not one patient group in gammas at all. Dps messes up and pulls i see 5 to 10 percent of tanks dropping group mid pull. Heals let’s anyone die kicked. Dps has one pull to get above a certain amount or kicked.

Considering the amount of ungemmed unenchanted people i see and worse if true bots quieng in, as much as I loved wotlk previously i think lfg ruined it. I haven’t been invited to a guild or even a discord where anyone does anything social. It’s an mmo and people have gone silent. Try to tell someone to at least attempt to fix their gear up some and look up their class. Sensitivity and hate as replies.

I get it people are toxic I am toxic say whatever you want but where did the good people go?

LF casual guild with mature players who don’t mind I am not an expert on mechanics.

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Blizzard allows players to sign up despite being too weak to do the difficulty expected of them. Tanks under 4.5k are usually destroyed. Just had one earlier we had to kick because he was too weak. Replacement tank was a good 1k higher and smashed it.

People defending scrubs always act like it’s skill vs gear, as if the geared players are automatically worse at the game. News flash, a badly geared person isn’t magically better than a well geared person. Usually, they’re less skilled as well, due to less time spent playing the class.

You’d be votekicked out for your own attitude, but it seems you prefer playing with bots anyway.

I would be the first one to throw you out of my dungeons too with an attitude like that.

What business is it of yours how I optimize my character?

Either I can do the job or I can’t.

It’s not RDF’s fault, you don’t like the random queue system of grouping.

It’s not RDF’s fault, ppl would rather use the random queue system over your guild, “social”, structures.

It becomes the rest of the groups business when you go join these groups.

It doesn’t matter if it was through RDF. You still have 4 other people with you.


I posted what I meant to say here in the other topic because you can’t stick to one topic at a time.

You have very poor forum etiquette.

No it doesn’t.

You don’t know the rules of the game and are openly infringing on my rights to play it by taking an authoritative stance.

It’s none of the group’s business if I’m wearing a parry gem or not…

Nor does it say anywhere in the rules of the game that I as a shaman can’t wear a parry gem in a group setting.

Because I don’t have to. You’re not an authority in the game; even though you really act like one.

You’ve lost the entire argument, and your ignorance is displayed for everyone to see with this one simple statement…

Nothing in the rulebook of the game, anywhere, says that a shaman can’t wear a parry gem in a group setting.

And what I said earlier is coming to fruition.

You immediately post anywhere I post. To get away with that kind of harassment, you have to be a company employee.

Or at the very least have been commissioned by them to carry out your campaign of terror.

Either way you’ve lost…

You can’t determine with absolute fact that I am breaking the rules of the game by wearing a parry gem…

Which has been your ignorant premise all along.

Yes, it does. No amount of cope will change the pure fact that when you’re in a group, there are others around you and are depending on you to fill that role correctly and to the best of your abilities, which you are not doing.

It is everyone else’s business when you are in a group.

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Again. You’re wrong.

The burden of proof is on you.

Show me in the rulebook exactly where it says that I have to play correctly. Because nothing in the rule book says that I can’t wear a parry gem and it isn’t correct.

Your groups. Not randomly generated groups.

As an ex-retail player myself, as far as Shadowlands Season 4, I can assure you that toxicity in Classic is far worse than on Retail.

Goalpost movement. Never once said it was against the rules.

You lack comprehension.

Gem however you like and we will choose to vote kick you or not. No big deal either way
I never inspect people’s gems unless their GS is insanely low. You’re probably fly under the radar as long as your play is solid

Maybe i will have to give retail another shot.

All the peeps here are going crazy to.

What happened to hey I see your gear is off I have an extra couple gems and an enchant here try these out and see if it works better kind of approach instead of…go get the addon then sim site and go run this dungeon/raid until you get exactly this gear. Just to be allowed in my presence in a group.

I get it gamma dungeons to be successful have to have a minimum amount of dps to succed at a pull before tank runs out of mitigation cds or heals has to be strong enough to last longer to compensate. Either solution works.

A weak member can be compensated for.

But I catch myself even getting spreading an attitude of pointing the finger at the lowest GS in group or someone who didn’t get a mechanic/stat priority exactly right. This game fundamentally changed because of all the automation and peoples unwillingness to teach listen to and try to het better gear etcetera. It wasn’t about you items equipped and you % of uptime in you spells correctly cast. It was a chance to go somewhere else in a world that doesn’t suck as bad as yours and do something with people that have a little bit of patience that help you to get better until you can return the favor to the next noob. And it’s almost gone is all.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are nice people here too. But pugs can be toxic. Retail pugs can be too of course.

But Retal is a lot heavier on mechanics. Wrath is still more of a numbers game. It will change with Cataclysm.

Another thing to keep in mind is starting late always sucks.
We are 3 months away from Cataclysm.

So if you, in fact, have any interest in Cataclysm, just stick it out. Get your toon to 80. Max out professions. Get some bare minimum of gear. Just to be ready to go.

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Bots driving prices up and Titan Rune dungeons with a retail mentality has ruined Classic.

Thats really all there is to it. This is also the lowest population Wrath Classic has had and the trend is going down.

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I 100% empathize with you and believe it or not I actually built a guild around my own experience which is very similar to yours. The most gratifying way to show these guys what’s REALLY GOIN’ on is to push through it and surpass them.

It’s not always about the gear but it is ALWAYS about the player!

If you ever make your way onto the Pagle server please look me up.

–edit, I wanted to quote you but somehow ended up breaking the quote.

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just saw your reply thanks for the invite if servers ever come back online today i might…

gatorade plus keyboard=bad keyboard

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