Princess Theradras

We fought Princess a few times last night, and she was doing something I don’t remember from Live - namely, occasionally landing 3-6 melee attacks in a single round, sort of like WIndfury. I, a Hunter, was oneshot twice from 2k HP.

Is that normal?

It is yes, block is pretty godly it isn’t a right you want to tank with a one hander.

No way this is normal behavior, creatures don’t store attacks and let them all out once. Just submitted a bug report for it

Princess is Reck-bombing people? ouch.

Looking over its abilities that’s probably pretty close lol. It’s ability Thrash gives it 2 extra attacks, and what’s probably happening is when there’s no target nearby those extra attacks are just being saved up?

Looks like her Thrash isn’t just giving her two extra attacks but upwards of 6-8. If it’s procing on itself then that would explain getting smashed for 2k+ at any given moment.

I do feel like there are too many things in Classic doing this, but I’m not going to say it’s ‘wrong’ since my memory isn’t 100% reliable…

Things that have hit 5+ times in a split second:

  1. Drakes in BWL
  2. Garr adds
  3. Princess Theradras (according to this thread.)

Even if this is normal, I’d love for some confirmation.

4. Moonkins in Darkshore, apparently! Although they didn’t seem to go above 4…

Had a lot of trouble convincing people that there’s not much a healer can do about a near instant 7k damage from a drake. It’s kind of random, so people automatically assume the healers are just being bad.

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Helps to have your tank go “I was hit 6 times within 1 second.”

We ended up solving this by pulling with a hunter pet to soak the windfury (cause in the cases of drakes/garr adds, it usually happens right as they get close enough to hit.) My guess is that they ‘store’ hits while at range, and (assuming this is a classic batching bug) it batches them all into the game after they are ‘able.’

I could easily be very wrong, of course…

I noticed the same thing at low level

I was fighting this one spider and when I got aggro and it reached me, I took 3 instant auto attack all at once

I’m 100% sure it’s the nu-netcode(Not spell batching). It’s like everything is delayed and yet happen all at once at the same time.

Well now I’m debating making a bug report thread, but would probably need to do more testing with screenshots/clips…and I don’t have those right now.


Lol our tank died to this.

4 normal attacks, 2 crushing, and a shadow flame, in one spell batch.

I think the spell batching gets screwed up when the servers have a high load, and since the instances are on seperate servers, it would make sense that it would be extra bad on typical raid days, which seem to be tuesday/thursday, for my realm at least.

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Here I got a screenshot, it’s easy to get it to happen with a pet at the right distance

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Sound like a threat problem.

Stop asking for changes because you died. Oh yea we have game for you…

Changes weren’t asked for, bro. Just asking if it was a normal thing to happen. Calm thy mammaries.


Yes it’s normal. Thrash specifically stacks if there isn’t a target in melee range for it to unload on. It’s meant to discourage kiting, while not prevent it if you can do it perfectly.

Welp this explains why my pet was getting recked at lvl 60 vs princess lol. But even then it should have a stack limit that is reasonable.

I kited princess down to 20% never taking a hit and she reached my pet once after I had to FD for Mana, and one shot my pet for 4k damage instantly.

As much as I don’t particularly care much for Classic gameplay, that’s not something that should be changed. It’s a mechanic that simply needs to be handled properly rather than nerfed down to be “manageable.” God knows Classic needs stuff like that.


Considering princess does about 300-400 damage a hit to my pet normally, she hit it for 10+ times in a single hit. Reckoning was hot fix nerfed to have a stack limit, it’s the same mechanics and thus should have a reasonable stack limit. I think 10 stacks is a reasonable cap for it because it would “act” the same as it is now, but then a tank using CDs would have a chance of surviving as well.

Sure it won’t fix my personal issue I had with it on princess, but it would make it a survivable mechanic for a tank using shield wall to try to survive the incoming 10 stacks of thrash.

So a girl beat you up and you run to the forums? :wink: