Primordial Trolls confirmed in Dragonflight

From interview:

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It’s that familiarity and wonder at the same time. It’s hard to capture, but it’s something we’re focusing on. Across the zones, you’ll meet Centaur clans, primordial Trolls, or even revisit the Tuskarr. It’s a nice balance between the “new” and “familiar”.

Curious how they’ll fit into the lore.


The Dragon Isles contain the Red Dragonflight’s Pools of Life… which likely were a titanic site first built by Freya. I wonder if the first trolls came into being there?


I figure that they would be the original trolls that all other trolls, elves, satyr, and naga are descended from.

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Guess we found our first raid.


New Raid
Venture into the ancient prison of the Primal Incarnates before their malevolent power can be unleashed against the Dragon Aspects.

Galakrond’s Primalists are the First Raid.

New Dungeons
Fight to reclaim Neltharus, stronghold of the black dragonflight, explore previously unknown chambers of Uldaman, defend the Life Pools of the red dragonflight, and more!

Pools of Life are a Dungeon.

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Dis, dis raid was OUR raid! ALL Raids be Troll Raids!


Listen, it wouldn’t be a true return to Azeroth without a Troll Raid.


WoD and SL= no trolls, and they sucked!
BFA sucked, but what was one of the best parts of it? That’s right, the trolls!


This is like… WAY more accurate than it has any business being.


Yeah, the Zandalari were actually my favorite part of the expansion. They actually had me hooked for awhile, until Blizzard moved away from Kul’tiras/Zandalar to Azshara and N’zoth.


Zandalar was good. Kul Tiras was good. Azshara was good. N’Zoth was… not good. That is, not well used. He could have been good, but they got lazy right at the end when they could least afford to be.

BFA had what it took to be a very good Old Gods expansion, but it was coated with a nice thick layer of Faction War Story poop and covered with extra Bad Systems poop sprinkles.

EDIT: Sigh. We should be talking about Dragonflight. Which I guess will be abbreviated to DF? But Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands were just SO disappointing, even with their good parts, that we will never, EVER quit harping on them, even to our own detriment, will we? I like to JUST remember riding dinos through Zuldazar, fighting the witches of Drustvar, or hanging around the Ember Court, but the poop. Stains. Everything.


Wait but the Dragon Isles were sealed off 10k years ago, by which point trolls had already long existed as they do now. Why were primordial ones still lingering somewhere?

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“looks at the Yaungol (the OG humanoid Bovine race) that were still in their ancestral home of Pandaria”.


I suppose if they were never exposed to any sort of outside magical influence and the primordial magics are what shaped the original Trolls, the Dragon Isle’s being as isolated as they were, and so much of it going into some sort of dormancy (at least, from the looks of it), I can at least see how they can twist it and have some of them hanging around.


Excuse me, that’s amazing. I want to know which came first the dino or the dragon!


So a thought that just occurred to me: They could be /elemental/ trolls. Just as Primordial Dragons are elementals.


That’s a good point. Could just be in reference to the magic’s themselves. Which would honestly still be pretty cool.


I liked the idea that Trolls were true natives of Azeroth, sprung like some sort of elemental from her energies, or something. That they sort of solidified and got a humanoid form somehow.

This is sort of on the path to that.

I am a big Troll fan, so this news has me all sorts of excited for more Troll lore wooo!

I have made posts before, about an expansion sending us far back in time, with primordial Trolls helping the Horde and Earthen helping the Alliance. It is so cool that primordial Trolls are actually a thing getting in game screen time.


Yeah I do like how some of Azeroth’s native fleshy citizens were elementals that either managed to break through the barrier between the elemental planes and Azeroth that Ra and Helya made or they were elementals that evaded the two and grew flesh to adapt to the new, ordered Azeroth.

We got that with Dragons with Chronicles vol 1.


They spring into existence after the woe was there and the titan ordering. “True natives of azeroth” is everyone expect orcs and draenei