Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Cap’n Crackers Pet

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Cap’n Crackers Pet

Add the Cap’n Crackers pet to your collection with Amazon Prime Gaming.

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double post, Blizzard reported.


That is super cute, y’all making me want to get prime.

i believe they prefer to be called Cap’n Anglo-American.


P1r@t3 XpAC Conf1r//\eD!!

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I got excited until I looked in my pet journal. He is a super cute pet.

woooo pirates!

pirate high five


I already have this one. You can let him sit on the shoulder with /whistle


Great, a pet I already own! That means I don’t have to faff around with making another Amazon account to get it for free with the trial membership. Thanks for saving me one headache this month, Blizzard!

Thanks for the heads up. :panda_face:

This! I learned from Nui! He’s got like three birds surrounding him. :smiley:

You can get a 1 month free trial or least they use to give free trials of prime.


Cool pet for Pirate Day. IIRC, he’ll land on your shoulder as you run around.

You know Blizz most gaming companies have original items from twitch prime drops.

How about for once an original item and not something that’s been made?

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Complaining about free items in 2024


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Original items would be nice but I’m happy getting free stuff regardless.

Amazon Zulian Tiger would be nice.

Because then people will be outraged that Blizzard is putting unique things onto Prime Gaming and that means they are “forced” to buy Prime and give another “greedy corporation” more money.

They do this all the time with COD and Diablo 4. Why is wow different?

Because WoW is sub based only.