Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Cap’n Crackers Pet

Thousand of recolored versions of mounts and pets in the database and you bring this?. This Prime Gaming Loot became good the first months then started to decay in items in terms of rarity.

At least they could have given another TCG Tabard. Like Tabard of the Void. Or tabard of Frost.


Yay! I got this for my Kul Tiran. Just seemed to fit her perfectly. Love it!

Just read my email. Got 'em

:boom: CLANK! :boom:

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Meanwhile, tons of unused mount recolors that haven’t seen the light of day, continue to rot in storage :dracthyr_tea:

If Blizzard wanted to drive this Amazon Prine thing, they should just open the vault and make the Vanilla Collector’s Edition pets available. One each month would be so awesome. Until then, it is not worth my time on a duplicate 1 of 1 pet.


where’s that location, I want to go fish that node to the left…