Primary request among Forsaken players

They want upright standing characters now. We’ve been able to visit the chiropractor on orcs already (The barber shop), and the requests in the past by players are currently all over the forums.

Since transmog has become available years ago, cosmetics in game have become a staple for the way people’s characters look. These staples now go beyond just the way armor looks and people wish to apply these cosmetic abilities further with actual character option.

The devs have been working HARD at giving us so many options since Dragonflight dropped. We all acknowledge the hard work that goes into all of the new toys, ability to turn off NPC’s in specific areas, and the ability to transmog lower quality items. These are amazing changes that people are loving and we are all grateful to see these things come to fruition. There is a but in here, though. The option to change from a hunched over look to a straight standing forsaken character is actually a request that has been asked multiple times and I would dare say that offering it even to trolls at this point would make sense, too.

For further reading on this topic: Upright Forsaken Models - Overdue Character Customization ✓


Oh please yes! I’d love for my forsaken warlock to not be hunched over all time. His poor back. I plan to be making a Character customization request thread tomorrow and I’ll be linking this in there.


Although I don’t play Forsaken, I fully support this request. What could be the reason for not implementing it yet?


I also support this request. It’s a long time coming. Why wasn’t this fixed along with the orcs?


Perhaps orcs were the first testing ground? I am not sure. But, we know it can be a thing, at this point.