Primal Chaos can now be Sent to Alts

We’ve heard and agree with feedback that players have amassed surplus Primal Chaos on their mains while their alts need all the Primal Chaos they can get. With a hotfix that went live about 12 hours ago, we’ve added a method for transferring Primal Chaos to other characters on your account.

  • Rabul of the Artisan’s Consortium now sells a Satchel of Coalescing Chaos that binds to your Blizzard Account. This item costs 80 Primal Chaos and provides 60 Primal Chaos to the character who uses it.

As you can see, some Primal Chaos will be lost in the transaction. This is because we want to make sure that while this is a great way for a main to help an alt, the best way to gear up a character should generally be via actually playing that character.

Nonetheless, this should provide an additional use for your Primal Chaos, as well as a good way to get some powerful gear to your alts quickly.


He’s over by where you place crafting orders for anybody curious.


Omg ty! This is awesome.


Thanks! Now I am sure the masses will find something else to whine about.


You guys are on a roll acting upon feedback now. Keep it up :slight_smile:


If this is what the maintenance was for, well worth it.


Nice change though considering how often we are getting them a vendor with consumable items in the future would be a nice touch.

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Finally I have a use of them

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Win-win. We get to ramp our alts more quickly and Blizzard gets more $$$ from p2w gold buying crafted gear.


Maybe you should consider increasing the amounts from other content that isn’t guaranteed and farmable. People doing one type of content shouldn’t be able to gear up their alts without playing them if others can’t.

This will solve nothing - these people will be back in 6 months saying they have too many again because mythic plus rewards too many.

You seem to have lost all common sense lately.


Thank you!

Right? They were just taking up space in my bag I can send them to alts to craft missing things I was missing for transmog / knowledge points.

I do feel more useful working a few hours overtime to deck out my alts than being stuck farming +5 keys on them.

So yeah, win all around.

smooth move. gg. great change.

WoW players:


You still need sparks so I fail to see your point.

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Oh there’s no denying playing the toon is the best way to gear up.

But now I have a way to send craft orders to myself to give myself about 10 crafting knowledge I didn’t know.

You get 5 free sparks now on fresh alts. Its a lot of crafting so yeah chances are it will help the sales of tokens.

Its the gaming landscape we’re in for better or worse.

I stopped worrying about it personally.

Just because you failed to see the point doesn’t mean the point wasn’t made. Failing to see it is on you.

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I hardly call 5/16 pay 2 win. And that term is usually thrown very loosely in these forums.