Priest set look

S2 appearance looked the best.

S3 looks like they tried to remake the Absolution tier set from TBC.

Also, why do the best looking tier set bonuses come from LFR + Normal? :frowning:

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season 2’s elite set looks so cool i want it to come back to try and farm the wings

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This would be sick

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In S2 I did the Timewalking + Dream event to get low iLvl gear I could catalyst and then upgrade the items so it unlocked the LFR through Heroic appearances.

There’s no items from the Dream Surge event like this so I’m hoping 10.2.5 adds a vendor to the new event thing.


I have a confession, I have no clue what any tier sets look like. The only experience I have with what these pieces look like is briefly when I equip them, and then like 10 seconds later I am already back to my set transmog due to the handy dandy toy.

I’d been fine with bringing back the benediction/anathema quest line but if it wasn’t a recolor it’d be a bummer.

Based on the comments the S2 Priest set is the winner of both the Priest and Paladin polls.

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I’d personally much rather see a brand new model based off of the old tier. Recolors are lazy IMO, why get the same thing when you could get something brand new?

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i understand s2 is the best but if I already have it, what’s the point? I missed out on all of season 1 so i’d rather that at this point. Also assuming there is no new raid in s4, will I be able to get the LFR/normal/heroic/mythic colors of the season 2 set (when it wins)?

I want the colors of the pvp tier, I know it’s due to effort but I want those colors that I never reach 1800 rating to get them, the best one is the one from season 3 pvp elite

I went to the old raid search engine and took out all the s2. They should bring new colors or else a new design because they are very lazy

I’d love for our mythic look to not be purple.

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Voting S2 mainly to make Paladins mad.


hey I hate pants for priests

Why do so many people think there is going to be a recolor? The blue post says nothing about new colors. The only change they said they will make is to the scaling of the earlier set bonuses. Season 4 in Shadowlands didn’t get a recolor either.

both you and i are using S2 shoulders, in our current mog there must be something you like.

it is the best looking set…but I agree, this should’ve been for paladins. I’ll gladly wear it on my priest though! :smiley:


This is why I voted for S3. I have a fem forsaken priest and IMO the S2 set looks incredibly goofy on them.

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I’d love to be able to get something purple since they kept making that Mythic for some reason.

I clicked any because i cant read da sh#t because its in another language :upside_down_face: