Priest Self Dispelling Sheep Instantly

Working as intended. They even cited for example, two mages sheeping one another at the same time, to illustrate how it’d work. Dispel hitting at the same time is no different.


From the mouth of Blizzard: “While we never really eliminated spell batching in WoW, we did change how (and how often) we process batches of actions coming from players, so you’re less likely to notice that processing in today’s game. We’ve been working to ensure that in WoW Classic, the gameplay of activating spells and effects will not differ from the experience of playing original WoW.”

“For WoW Classic, we’re moving spell casts to a low-priority loop that will cause them to be processed at the frequency that best fits how the game actually played in version 1.12.”

They’ve tried to recreate latency and lag to match 2004 isp’s and computers. That’s it in a nutshell. It’s artificial and PERSISTENT lag and nothing like current wow. They’ve even said as much.

Its also not possible if the mages have imp counterspell. His dispell even batched will only get 2 magic effects. Any coordination by the mages on casting and he is silenced or sheeped. I dont believe that 4 mages were bad enough to space out their casts making this possible.

Or at least, its hard to believe.

Uhhh, didn’t the conversation move on to leeway?

Wait, do you think leeway and spell batching are one and the same? I’m a little confused here.

How does a level 53 dwarf priest have enough mana to do anything against 4-5 mages, unless the mages are in a coma and he has help you don’t see. The Priest would not have enough mana to do what you are claiming. Even with a bot, he would be limited by mana.

However leeway is not the same. Leeway does not work on snared targets in retail. And there is this that shows leeway in Vanilla and leeway in Classic - this range is currently live in Classic:

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How about an add on that sees you getting targets d and helps preempt dispel?

Sounds like you just dont understand how to play your own class. Intimidation isnt instant. You’re welcome

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We eventually killed him, when he went oom.

He would have some things still on him, but polys, novas, and Imp CS weren’t sticking.

If you killed him when he went oom, then it is working as intended. What exactly are you complaining about?

It’s an instant cast. I understand how it works.

Apparently you dont or you wouldnt be confused as to why a spell with a non-instant effect isn’t happening… instantly.

I mean…I like it because I can use it for the exact circumstances the OP is describing.

For example, I can batch and dispel pot when I see a rocket helm incoming, and dispel the rocket helm CC.

There are an equal number of really cool things you can do to your opponent with batching as there is things that can be done to you, everybody has the ability to utilize it.

Apparently you don’t understand what I’m saying at all. My pet deals intimidation successfully. The stun doesn’t affect the mob before it hits me. This happens all the time, and happens even more frequently when fighting casters.

The interrupt is arbitrary, does that make more sense?

Are you sure you can spam dispel? Usually when you do, you get an error message “nothing to dispel”. Is it possible that he had other negative effects on? Since dispel removes two effects, as long as there is one negative effect, a dispel could go off and I assume can be batched with poly. But in that case, you can’t spam dispel since negative effects are a finite resource, and you basically have to time it really well. That requires significant skill, and should be rewarded, IMO. Similar to using premonition to break poly in retail. If you want to prevent it, juke the dispel by canceling the poly cast.

I’ve enjoyed it.

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Yea that makes sense, it’d have to be a very specific case. I couldn’t get it to happen in a duel against a mage. SW: Death also broke poly in WOTLK but took pretty precise timing.

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Odd how he dispelled my imp cs. That’s the most confusing part to me.

Dispel Magic is on the GCD and costs mana.

The only way for this to work, outside of a bot, is to literally spam Dispel every GCD, and for your effect to hit them in the first 1000 ms of the GCD. (500 for their cast, 500 for their effect.) (edit; And yes, as someone else mentioned, they also need to have something to dispel on them already.)

If they dispelled everything, every time, with no error, it is either a bug or a bot, and not the intended behavior of spell batching.