Priest Self Dispelling Sheep Instantly

Honestly spell batching is so horribly implemented it should be scrapped.

When my pet loses aggro on a mob and I use intimidation (an instant spell with 100 yd range) it won’t go off until the mob runs all the way over and hits me.

I won’t even go into the complete craziness I experience on my mage. I’m sure you’ve heard it all.


Counterspell is instant.


He could have all his spells macrod to cast dispells first or have a spam dispel macro that floods the batching with dispells. I’m not sure if you made a macro that cast dispell the maximum amount of characters in one click, if it would interject them as your enemy is casting too. In theory it sounds like it would work, but ive never tested it.

Spell batching is working as intended. Did you think that some 15 year old archaic action processing system would be without downsides? Do you think they spent significant effort to improve the way batching works in retail for no reason?

Spell batching in Classic sucks just as bad as it sucked in Vanilla. Go look at some old bug report forum archives and see the numerous threads from Hunters and Rogues complaining about the same batching related issues they complain about now.

Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not QA Bugs
Quality Assurance
2010/11/02 08:52:00 PM

“Impossible” simultaneous actions.

Examples: Rogue Vanish being broken by attacks, Two mages polymorphing each other, Paladin Divine Shield being dispelled as it is cast.

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yeeaaaah . . .

I mean he’s able to dispel my Silence. I even sat on it for a few seconds to try a fake out.

Sadly, this is just how the game works with batching in place. And since they recreated batching on purpose for these exact kinds of stupid interactions, it is 100% intended.

The spell batching change is/was just mind boggling.

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How about stop doing it? Your stubbornness in spamming ablities that you know are countered is no better than spamming a bubbled pally

so yeah uh all sarcasm aside, polymorphed players are not supposed to be able to cast spells. if he somehow casts dispel on himself to remove polymorph off of himself, im not sure how that is possible. you say “spell batching” but i doubt it because if there is nothing to dispel, dispel will not be cast even when pressing the button. if dispel is cast, that means polymorph is already affecting the target. maybe you observed what was happening incorrectly?

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How would you go about self dispelling? Even macro’d and spamming at the speed of light the dispel wont go off because there is in effect nothing to dispel until the sheep lands.


This. The player provided himself a counter, now it’s your move. Your counter shouldn’t be to cry to the forums.

I’m not sure either. You can batch polly with a sapper though.

Spell batching and leeway are the reasons a dead mob can hit you. Spell batching and leeway are the reasons a CC’d mob can land a hit 200 yds away. Spell batching and leeway are the reasons a mob in my ice trap can land a hit.

Spell batching and leeway are the reasons two rogues in stealth, rogue seen for half a sec, cheap shot rogue, lose stealth, they don’t lose stealth, they don’t get stunned by cheap shot.

As someone pointed out this is like intentionally lagging out the server to create a 2004 experience. And yes, trusting Blizzard to create PERSISTENT, artificial lag was foolish. The people who actually know Blizzard did not support this.


Yes, but the sapper isn’t dependent upon poly being on a target to be activated. Dispel checks for a negative debuff before it even goes off.


You do realize that the game has never existed in a state without leeway, right? It still exists in retail and the formula is still the same. Leeway is another thing that is functioning correctly on Classic.

The only thing that changed over the years was hitboxes being normalized.

While the cast for intimidation is instant, it still requires a “next successful melee hit” from your pet. It’s possible your pet is chasing the mob that you have aggro on and hasn’t had a chance to hit it yet. That wouldn’t be a spell batching issue.

LOL. No.

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Not at all the same. But feel free to trot out video from BFA that shows all this happening.


Hasn’t had a chance to hit yet . . .

The range is 100 yds. The cast is instant. This also happens when the mob hasn’t moved away from the pet. Also:

Leeway formula:

Melee attack: MAX(5, SourceCombatReach + TargetCombatReach + 4/3) + IfSourceAndTargetAreRunning(8/3)
Ranged attack: SourceCombatReach + TargetCombatReach + AttackRange + IfSourceAndTargetAreRunning(2)
AoE: TargetCombatReach + AttackRadius + IfSourceIsRunning(2)

Here’s a video from TBC (warcraftmovies) that shows Tauren hitboxes WITHOUT leeway active:

Bonus, AoE leeway on retail:

i like it when i bear charge a warrior at the same time they charge me and we end up where each other started and u have a root on urself for 3 sec.

also love my heals going off on dead bodies

I like how i can easily fake every CS

I like how 99% of mages still use sheep on druids

i love how broken and easy it is to win at wpvp as a druid.

i got off track what we talking about